Pelosi seriously backs away from scandal-ridden fmr. colleague Bob Filner – He’s not “my former colleague”

Libertarian Republican – by Eric Dondero

Whoa! duuuuuude, major diss of SD Mayor 

From Eric Dondero:

Nancy Pelosi and Bob Filner served in the US House as representatives from California for 8 years. Filner and Pelosi served together in numerous caucuses and committees over the years.   

But now that Filner is under fire from numerous women for serious sexual harassment allegations as newly-elected Mayor of San Diego, Pelosi feels the need to distance herself from her friend.

From HuffPo, “Nancy Pelosi Disses Bob Filner: ‘Don’t Identify Him As My Former Colleague'”

During a Thursday roundtable with reporters, Pelosi was touting a new Democratic push on women’s economic success when a reporter mentioned the allegations against Filner, now the mayor of San Diego, describing him as someone who Pelosi used to work with.

Indeed, he and Pelosi were founding members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. “Don’t identify him as my former colleague,” Pelosi shot back with an agitated look.

Editor’s comment – So hilarious, that even the far left-Pelosi vagina-sucking Huffington Post couldn’t resist.

9 thoughts on “Pelosi seriously backs away from scandal-ridden fmr. colleague Bob Filner – He’s not “my former colleague”

  1. She’s just pissed-off because he didn’t molest her. Even pervs have minimum victim requirements & standards.

    That comment about “vagina sucking Huffington Post” has made me ill for the rest of the day. I’ll prob need a shink to undo that mental image of Pigloosie for years to come.

          1. I thought it was the slanted eyes and snozola, with a very dark smile as if looking at his next meal.

  2. The real lesson here is, if you work for/with them, don’t expect any kind of loyalty from these people. I’m sure he isn’t the first person she’s thrown under the bus, and it won’t be the last.

    As this administration starts to unwind, watch these people really start to turn on each other.

    1. I don’t think it’s unwinding much yet…they seems to be keeping it wound with some scotch tape and rubberbands.
      Atouk…..Atouk!!!! Atouk alunda Tala?

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