Pennsylvania Democrats Introduce Gun Registration Scheme Legislation

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Fairfax, VA –-(  Last week, an anti-gun bill known as the Firearm Registration Act, or House Bill 503, was introduced in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives by anti-gun state Representative Angel Cruz (D-12).

Click here to read Representative Cruz’s co-sponsorship memo.  

Says Representative Angel Cruz “In the near future, I plan to re-introduce my legislation which would create the Firearms Registration Act to require all firearms in the Commonwealth to be registered with the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP).”

“Under my proposal, owners of registered firearms will be given a valid registration certificate for each registered firearm which will be valid for only one year. A registration certificate will only be issued to individuals who have never been convicted of a crime of violence, never been convicted of a crime relating to the use, possession, or sale of any dangerous drug within five years prior to the application, and is not otherwise ineligible to possess a firearm under any Federal or State law. This PSP database will aid all law enforcement officials across the state with investigations such as tracking missing or stolen firearms.”


HB 503 has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee, and your NRA-ILA will keep you updated if this bill sees any movement.

As always, NRA-ILA stands opposed to any and all firearm registration schemes and will stand guard against any infringement on your Second Amendment rights in the Keystone State.

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7 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Democrats Introduce Gun Registration Scheme Legislation

  1. I have a theory that the Democrats propose ridiculous gun-related things like this, knowing it’s ridiculous. And the GOP proposes ridiculous things as well that they are assigned to as well. Just to keep certain myths going and keep the 2-party myth still talked about. The exact opposite on the other side is GOP pretends they’re against abortion. This is to make people believe they really have a choice in “elections” and it keeps radio talk shows going and the fake FOX/MSNBC “choice” going.

    What is never talked about is how both parties are FOR: the police state, endless wars, false flags, wealthy nwo elites, Israel, …you know, all the important things.

    But in the meantime, keep thinking Dems are going to take your guns and Republicans are going to stop abortion and they’re the “party of god”.

    This guy is probably a stooge and got money from the people really running the show to propose this nonsense.

    Next up: a Republican will propose stopping marijuana from being legal.

    1. While I agree to a point, it seems the far left radical commies have shifted into high gear on all of this anti – gun BS. Illinois has a registration and ammo restriction bill in the senate, and a magazine ban is being bandied about. Connecticut is lost as are NY, Maryland, and California with the ruling today posted above. Then we have the 594 in Washington, Colorado with their BS and now this in Pennsylvania, all since the election last fall. They really, really want us disarmed for the finale.

  2. In the article it stated it will help the state with gun related investigations however my fellow Americans and Pennsylvania citizens I pose another aspect of this if you register your $1500 dollar 1911 and your $2000 M1A expect a visit from some local cop looking to upgrade his gun collection they already use the consealed carry permit system to pull over CCW permit holders in the state

  3. They propose new anti-gun legislation every day. I think their new strategy depends on fatigue. Everyone’s just too tired to argue anymore, so they’ll say “go ahead and pass your gun laws”.

    No one’s going to obey them, and no one’s going to survive enforcing them, so what do they matter?

  4. “Under my proposal, owners of registered firearms will be given a valid registration certificate for each registered firearm which will be valid for only one year.”

    Under MY proposal, you’ll hang only ONCE, and it will be valid permanently.


  5. Gee….and didn’t those people in Southern New York want to secede to Pennsylvania a few days ago due too all of the crazy laws that Cuomo is trying to enforce? I bet their re-thinking that statement.

    With Communists, there’s no place anyone can go and be free until every last Commie is eradicated from this country. Plain and simple.

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