Pennsylvania National Guard Deployed To Philadelphia As City Braces For More Walter Wallace Jr. Police Shooting Protests

CBS 3 Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Pennsylvania National Guard has been deployed to Philadelphia after a night of civil unrest and looting following the fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr. in West Philadelphia Monday. The deployment comes as the city braces for potentially more violence and Wallace’s family calls for peace.

The National Guard says several hundred members are being deployed to the city at the request of Philadelphia County.

Thirty police officers were injured during violent protests Monday night, including a female officer who suffered a broken leg after being hit by a car.

Scores of West Philadelphia businesses were looted and a number of stores across Philadelphia have started boarding up their windows Tuesday in anticipation of more looting.

“I do not want to see my city tore down. We don’t need that. You’re not resolving anything for our family. Don’t do this in the name of my nephew because this is not what he would’ve wanted,” said Rodney Everett, Wallace’s uncle.

Wallace Jr., 27, was killed on Monday afternoon by two officers after, police say, he walked towards them and refused to drop the weapon. He was shot 14 times and neither officer was carrying a taser, officials say.

CBS 3 Philly

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