Pentagon Puts Woke Initatives Over Combat Readiness “We’re going to have a Chinese-led world order”

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China recently tested the first nuclear capable hypersonic missile, and experts are admitting that this was not a “wake up call” for the Pentagon, Michael Pillsbury of the Hudson Institute stated in a recent interview on US combat readiness.  “So much progress is made by China, I realized that American primacy is going to be eclipsed by China. It’s just results on the ground. We’re going to have a Chinese-led world order,” he further stated.

Perhaps these alarming developments have not been a wake up call for the Pentagon because they have other priorities.  Pentagon officials have put diversity initiatives at the top of their priority list, saying that diversity in the US military is “its strength and a combat multiplier”.  While China continues to expand its military presence in the Pacific and outpace the US in weapons development, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley is focused on understanding “white rage”.  “I do think it’s important, actually, for those of us in uniform to be open-minded and be widely read,” Milley said. “And the United States Military Academy is a university. And it is important that we train and we understand – and I want to understand White rage.”  Milley testified before Congress in June.

With our military asleep at the wheel, you would think the current Presidential administration would be alarmed, but Biden has shown in the past that he has a cozy relationship with the Chinese Communist Party.  Senator Tom Cotton writes for the National Review: “As the Chinese Communist Party gained strength and Xi Jinping seized absolute power, Biden continued to push for closer ties and even more trade.”  Even as China surpasses us on weapons development and threatens our standing on the world stage, Biden heaped praise on China, calling them a “global partner” that would help to meet “global challenges”.

100% Fed Up

4 thoughts on “Pentagon Puts Woke Initatives Over Combat Readiness “We’re going to have a Chinese-led world order”

  1. Always the partisan angle, even knowing how Trump kissed up to China. And re: “I realized that American primacy is going to be eclipsed by China…”

    Eclipsed?!! Surely that was a typo. Must have meant “protected and upheld by American Nationals.” I mean we’re the one’s with The Bill of Rights. No cowering there, no matter what economies show. Most economies are crooked anyway; global schemes to make us subservient. Communize me not!!


  2. And that’s a big order, even for the busiest of Chinese places! Pro tip, when placing orders or reservations at a chinese place, use a joo name. They’ll kiss yer arse either out of fear you’ll kvetch nonstop about anything perceived as sub par or because they have the slave mentality stuck in their heads to the commie creators they are.

  3. ‘Irresistible Revolution…Marxism’s goal of conquest & the unmaking of the American military’ by Matthew Lohmeier

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