3 thoughts on ““People have to know what is going on”

  1. He wants us to say, “Hey, no, we don’t want to do this any more.” He asks us to ask ourselves “how we’re participating in our own slavery and what changes we can make to stop doing that.” Goes on to say, “All we have to do to achieve this is identify what the real problem is folks; and the real problem is government and our participation in this system of slavery that they have created.” So that’s his solution: Identifying the problem and saying “no.” Has it not been identified for at least a decade?!! No talking of taking up arms, fighting. Litmus test not passed.


    1. well, its a start .
      and i’m sure it can get hard to cover everyone’s bases , as we all have triggers

      1. I just see that so many stop at that point, forgetting it’s our responsibility to throw off a gov that’s gone full tyranny.


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