7 thoughts on “People in Chicago are now looting right off of a moving train

  1. Yeah this is an old one. I remember seeing this video when the George Floyd riots were going on. A lot of them dont care about anything, they just love an excuse to do this kind of stuff. Like my cousin who’s a heroin junkie. He went out and rioted and looted during those riots. That mfker doesn’t stay up to date with the news, has no clue what is going on in the world. He just needed drug money. The communist pigs won’t stop them either, hell, they encourage it.

      1. Oh yeah, every day. I see all kinds of crazy stuff on the road out here trucking.

        My co worker damn near killed a 4ft nothing mexican guy who was siphoning fuel from his tank while he was in the bunk sleeping. He jumped out of the truck with a crowbar and yelled, “You simple f*ck, now you’re going to die!” The guy quick ran back into his truck and my buddy smashed his window and his mirror off while the guy drove away yelling mexican slurs at him. It’s wild out here.

  2. I feel bad for anyone that identifies as the same as these people.

    If anyone wants to loot some billionaires homes or some politocritters homes, I’m in.

  3. Thanks for raising the prices on this shit for all the rest of us
    Waiting for the first one to get run over by the train and blame it on the train company

    When that train hits about 30 it’s all over
    And if you didn’t get off , you ain’t

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