Pepsi replaces sugar with mystery ingredient

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So what exactly is this magic ingredient that will be appearing in a new version of Pepsi, and how is it made? Unfortunately, those questions are hard to answer. Senomyx… refers to them only as ‘enhancers’ or ‘ingredients’… The products work by triggering receptors on the tongue and tricking your taste buds into sensing sweetness — or saltiness or coolness, in the case of the company’s other programs…

So are Senomyx’s covert ingredients safe? That, too, is anyone’s guess… many of its enhancers have ‘been granted ‘GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status, but all that means is that the company did its own assessment and then concluded everything was fine. We don’t know whether Senomyx did any testing since the company isn’t required to submit anything to the FDA.14         

There’s no reason to think that Senomyx’s products will cause harm, but until or unless Pepsi decides to share details about how exactly it’s achieving a 60 percent reduction in sugar while keeping the taste the same, customers will be drinking their ‘scientifically advantaged’ sodas completely in the dark.”

The lack of labeling requirements is particularly troublesome and will probably become an issue in the future. Since these compounds (whatever they are) are used in such minute quantities, they don’t have to be listed on the label. They’ll simply fall under the generic category of artificial and/or natural flavors. What this means is that the product will appear to be much “healthier” than it might otherwise be, were a flavor enhancer not used.

According to a 2010 CBS report,15 Senomyx’s flavor enhancers were already being sold outside the US at that time. For example, Nestle was by 2010 using an MSG flavor enhancer in its Maggi brand soups, sauces, condiments and instant noodles, and Ajinomoto was also using a similar ingredient in products for the Chinese market. This means less of the artificial sweetener is needed to create the same sweet taste as before, but while one could argue that this is a good thing, I suspect we will ultimately learn that this flavor enhancement method has multiple unforeseen adverse consequences — metabolically, and biologically.


There are many reasons why you’re better off choosing natural whole foods in lieu of processed alternatives, but one of the primary ones is that junk foods contain additives that increase your toxic load, which in turn may increase your tendency to develop cancer. As of yet, there is NO medical research to back up the assertion that manipulating your taste buds in the way Senomyx’ products do is safe and healthy in the long term. As an example, I would point to the evidence now available showing that one of the reasons why artificial sweeteners do not work as advertised is because the taste of sweet itself is tied into your metabolic functioning in a way that we still do not fully understand… As a result, artificially sweetened products, oftentimes boasting zero calories, actually result in greater weight gain than sweetened products when used “in the real world.”

It’s easy to forget that the processed, pre-packaged foods and fast food restaurants of today are actually a radical change in terms of the history of food production. Much of what we eat today bears very little resemblance of real food. Many products are loaded with non-nutritive fillers — purposely designed to just “take up space” to make you think you’re getting more than you really are — along with any number of additives. Many additives have been shown to have harmful effects on mood, behavior, metabolic functioning and biochemistry.

Now, with the introduction of untested engineered flavor enhancers, you’re left wondering whether processed foods with “cleaner” labels really are safer and healthier or not… Remember, because Senomyx’ flavor enhancers are used in such low concentrations they are not required to undergo the FDA’s usual safety approval process for food additives.

The disease trends we’re now seeing are only going to get worse as much of the processed foods consumed today are not even food-based. Who knows what kind of genetic mutations and malfunctions we’re creating for ourselves and future generations when a MAJORITY of our diet consists of highly processed and artificial foods that contain substances never before consumed by humans in all of history.


16 thoughts on “Pepsi replaces sugar with mystery ingredient

  1. I knew a freind a few yr.s ago that said she was diabetic and so she said that it was ok to drink diet soda that had nutra sweet in it. Well, we used to tell these soda drinkers to drink 2 or 3 of these sodas as fast as they could to get a good dose of those damned artificial sweeteners in their system fast to show how bad they are for you. What happens when you do that the artificial sweetener – nutra sweet – will will turn into wood alcohol in your system and screw up your eye sight for a while so you cannot see clearly at all. It isn`t good. Think of how much of this crap will build up and start causing problems like this over the long term – liver desease, diabetes, etc. etc. Stevia herb/extract is by far the best of all sweeteners around and Stevia is a safe and natural herb.

  2. I don’t drink soda anyway. The stuff takes paint off of cars, so I certainly don’t want it in my body.

    1. Hehe Sunfire! My Dad used to use coke to clean the battery acid off the car battery/cables and ect., worked great 🙂

  3. Hey #1. I hate to ask `cause it off subject some what, but where did you say you get your apricot kernels and your MSM from. I have a good freind that has hep-c and cancer and she realy wants to do the kernel and the MSM. I used to know a lot of that stuff but I lost a good part of my memory ya know.

    1. Hey digger, I get my apricot kernels from, and my MSM from, but I just did an internet search and couldn’t find it under that name, so they may may changed their internet address (I got that one off of an old bottle of MSM). But here is their ph. #, which I know is still valid, because I just ordered some Wednesday.1-800-700-7477.

      1. Aw man #1 my friend, thank you very very much. I should have known that with out asling you. Without a doubt you nost likely saved a good life or at least extended one. Thanks again #1, I appreciate it . I used to know all that stuff but had a bunch of minni stroks – my ex mis labled my medicinal herbals and I was doing a bunch of MAOI`s combined with SSRI`s – not a good combination you know, I`m lucky to be alive. I found that out through the grape vine about 13 yr.s ago and now I am slowley but surely reclaiming my memory . That was back when I was going to start that medicinal/culinary herbal business and she though I would just up and die on her and she would inherit the business. Nice ole lady eh.

  4. aborted fetal cells
    just kidding…i think
    my guess would be a chemical because at times i swear i can taste soap unless its the plastic bottle itself leaching into the soda mixing with all the other ingredients

    1. Nope Mel, I posted one a little while ago but don`t think it is up yet about them aborted fetal cells in Pepsi, and they are not just in pepsi soda but in some other products including some of that bottled water. That article may have had copy rights on it.

        1. Thanks Henry, I will try to find it again. I have been having problems with my internet provider. I`m going to blow off some steam if there is a problem with centurylink tommorow.

  5. Forgot what I came here for in the first place Got sidetracked replying to digger’s question.

    NOW I’m pissed!!! Pepsi Throwback, made with REAL sugar, is the only soda I’ve been buying ever since they brought it back. Now they’re going to trash that too.

    Is NOTHING sacred anymore???

    DEATH to the NWO!!! The sooner, the better!!!

  6. I am diabetic & I use only Fruit sugar!
    It has a low glycemic index! More expensive that processed sugar, but what the hell. It’s only money.

    1. Maybe you should consider using Stevia or Stevia extract. Stevia is good for helping normalizing blood sugar I was told. I would be worth the try for diabetics.

    1. Mel,
      I looked and we received no other comment from you.
      That being said, exactly what are you implying when you say, “was it tagged inappropriate, just too out there, or because its a possibility?”

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