Pepsi’s Evil New Slogan: Live, For Now

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

What in the world is Pepsi’s new slogan, “Live, For Now”, all about? If it’s not bad enough that their latest ‘marketing’ is quite Satanic, now we have this ‘illuminati’ company seemingly warning us that we better ‘live, for now’, because we never know what tomorrow holds, especially for those of us who’ve been drinking this carcinogen laden, syrupy death drink for years. Does Pepsi know something that we don’t know? Bizarrely enough, Pepsi’s latest ad campaign also hides their logo, in a sea of red and blue blood vessels. Why?  

This new German campaign for Pepsi cleverly hides the iconic logo amid a web of blood vessels. But does it work?

Hiding Pepsi’s iconic red, blue and white logo in a web of red and blue blood vessels, BBDO Dusseldorf has managed to create something quite arresting and it’s certainly not what you’d usually expect from a Pepsi advert.

As requested, the colours effectively convey the soft drink giant’s overall brand identity without using the logo – but is it a step too far into the abstract?

One thought on “Pepsi’s Evil New Slogan: Live, For Now

  1. “Live…For Now” is most definitely the modus vivendi championed by my peers and cohorts. The majority of them are aimless and completely without a clue as to how the real world works. The only “Real World” they know of is the TV show on MTV (?Masonic TeleVision?). And you’ll be sure to get 75K or more job with hot-pink hair, tattoes and piercing all over your body. I’m glad my parents (who are not “conspiracy theorists”) were “awakened” enough to take my sister and I out of our local indoctrination camp and homeschool us, teaching us how to think for ourselves and idol NO man. My generation is all for this “diversity” and “expressing individuality” *rolls eyes*. The funny thing about this “individuality” is it seems to all coincide with this generic pop culture BS. For example, the other day I overheard one of my friend’s acquaintances talk about white boys being “faggots” for wearing skinny jeans, while he chose the more masculine option…sagging, which forced him to waddle around like a duck so his pants wouldn’t fall down. His logic astounds me. If he only knew were sagging came from and what it meant. Lol. Furthermore, this “diversity” that I see on the walls of my community college and espoused by my professors doesn’t seem to be “diverse” at all. In fact, I’ve found the people who claim to be “tolerant” and “nonjudgmental” are the most intolerant, judgmental, and are far too quick to make assumptions. Alright, I’ve finished ranting. Time to get back to waking my family and friends up.

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