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  1. Darn u Galen , I’ve been telling mainland people we are the center of the apocalypse…nah, we need tourists…

  2. i guess i don’t understand but i spoke w a man via email on Maui and he explained things, i can’t remember to much goes thru my empty brain, but he said IF part breaks off, they will have water and evacuate, it will be 200mph from the video he sent. So there is some worry, and w Ca earthquakes, who knows. One thing for sure, Earth is on the move!

    1. here is a video that may give more perspective, as i said my friend in Maui explained it to me same as this vid more or less, so there is some concern about breaking off, but i think more than that should be the thermo stuff/gases
      This movie shows a physics-based computer simulation of a Kilauea Flank Collapse landslide and Mega Tsunami. Local wave heights exceed 300 meters. Such events happen in Hawaii about every 200,000 years.

  3. Wow….. that was a much-needed perspective. I was under the impression that the whole island was on the brink of being reduced to flaming debris and rubble.

    That’s what you get from reading the news…… a very distorted perception of reality.

    As long as it’s just that tiny dot on the map, screw ’em….. they have plenty of room for retreat.

  4. To some it is an epic tragedy. Thankfully there are well-organized relief efforts and many willing volunteers and Go-Fund-Me efforts.


  5. Wow! That REALLY puts things in perspective. Kinda like how the media exaggerates the so-called uprisings in the Middle East.

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