Petroleum and the Flow of the Spice

Just a couple of short months ago oil prices began to fall as consumer demand was decreasing due to falling consumer wealth brought on by further job losses and a declining dollar.  We the people simply did not have the money to buy any more petroleum than we absolutely had to in order to function.  And of course with lowering demand, a further glut of oil was driving prices even lower.

This is the natural adjustment of a marketplace but it cannot be allowed as the record profits of oil companies are involved.  Have you noticed that every time oil prices in the US begin to fall tensions in the Middle East tend to heat up?  How many times can the same tactics be used to facilitate the gross enrichment of the elite?

Gas prices will be heading back up again now, not because through market adjustment Americans are making more money and thus have more to spend on petroleum to drive prices up through demand, but rather because the Iranians might close the Straits of Hormuz.

Considering the fact that oil prices were headed down even in the face of an oil embargo on Iran, how much would a gallon of gas be costing an American today if there was no embargo, keeping in mind that this embargo is the cause for the treat for the closure of the Straits of Hormuz?

The notion of supply and demand as a determinant in oil prices is a conditional fraud in that the international oil barons can easily choke off supply through their international political manipulations.

The Zionists within the oil industry want the control of all Middle Eastern oil as the oil represents power and the Israelis believe the conquest of world power is their destiny.  It is amazing how one small country can initiate such coercion and strong armed robbery.  Look closely at the Israelis and their actions and ask yourself, would the world not be a better place had they never existed.

Why have so many countries over the millennium ejected the Jews?  This has nothing to do with religious tolerance; it has to do with a people who set themselves apart, not only as power elite, but indeed as a self appointed elitist species, apart from the rest of humanity.

The majority of the people on this planet would like to live in peace and actually enjoy the days of their lives, but how can this be possible when there exists a people that believe that to injure and kill all those who are not them is a service to their god?  We have seen many drastic measures implemented upon the Zionists in the past and as horrific as many of these were they have only served to temporarily impede the Zionist misery makers.

I do not know what could be done to stop the Israeli Zionists but to deny the reality of their evil intent is suicide.  As much as I hate to say it, maybe the reason the Zionists have been slaughtered in the past is because the peoples of the countries they had invaded had come to the realization that either they killed the Zionists or the Zionists would kill them.  Is this the awful truth that so much time and wealth is spent to cover up?  I mean if you are truly a righteous people why do you need national propaganda programming to sell a population on the idea of not killing you?

I do not know what the answer is but I do believe that if we in the US are to survive as a country and a people the question of Zionist infiltration into our government, from our body politic to the White House, must be addressed and addressed soon.  If there is anything history has proven it is that the closer the Zionists come to being identified for what they are, the more ruthless their tactics.

God grant us a hurried enlightenment.

3 thoughts on “Petroleum and the Flow of the Spice

  1. Excellent article! 100% truth. Notice that the author states: “there exists a people that believe that to injure and kill all those who are not them is a service to their god?” The word ‘god’ refered to in this statement is not capitalized, and for good reason, he’s not God. “1976: Ashkenazi Jew, Harold Rosenthal, aide to fellow Ashkenazi Jew, Senator Jacob Javits, states, “Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer.” (Quote taken from the book ‘Synagogue of Satan”, by Andrew Carriington Hitchcock , but I’ve seen it elsewhere, also.) Not surprisingly, Harold Rosenthal was murdered shortly after making this statement. The ‘Jews’ don’t like their dirty little secrets being aired publicly.

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