19 thoughts on “Pfizer CEO – By 2023 WE WILL REDUCE – KILL 50% OF THE WORLD POPULATION

    1. Yeah, right there on tape. Wow!! Frikkin’ WOW!!!!

      In a way I’m kinda glad they have these high-profile meetings where frequently a jaw-dropping morsel falls. More exposure to the Demonry. More chance for more people to see them, know them, hate them, fight them.


    1. Wow, thanks Martist. I curse the lying demon who did this and pulled us from the truth. Not that the Pfizer-demon is off the hook, but just that the truth was tampered with. Mega Curse!!


    2. ‘reduce the number of people in the world that cannot afford our medicine by 50 percent’

      1. I hear ya, Mary. Not much better than the first version. How he wants us under his wing.

        Plenty of Poison-Providers for the people, but the people are refusing the poison. We’re taking a u-turn from The Great Reset and moving into The Great Refusal. 🙂


      1. This wasn’t a reply
        Just a statement
        Not for sure why it came up as a reply.
        Love ya, bro!
        Standing by!

      1. Yep! That and alchemy… you know Captain, the art of taking natural elements and turning them into valuable monetary commodities ie gold, silver, diamonds, … you name it, they’ll market it and exploit it. What good, other than industrial purposes does a diamond truly have? Thanks debeers/joos!

  1. So if he really wants to “reduce the number of people who can’t afford our medicine by 50 percent” when he wants to reduce the world’s population by 50 percent (Georgia Guidestones or not) what he’s saying is either kill off all the poor or raise the price of medicine (which is already super duper high in the US anyway!) to the point where at least 50 percent can’t afford any medicine–which means make the world so damned sick at the same time. And are they also going to kill off all the medicinal homeopathic herbs and plants as well? And are they so evil they’ll kill off all the “useless” bees as well (because bees pollinate plants, and honey is medicinal as well.)

  2. This clip is taken out of context. It’s just another propaganda technique to stupefy those who disseminate clips like these. To stigmatize and discredit the movements that antagonize the New World Order and exposes the elites diabolical nature.
    When in the hell was the last thing something good came out of tik tok. What happens on tik tok should stay on tik tok.
    With that being said, I am not so shallow as to ignore what good can come from propaganda like this, regardless of intention. We are in a information war after all. Would it not be foolish to not make use of misinformation that would alert sheep to their oppressors? It would be foolish to not employ the art of deception to recruit those who seek to free themselves. War has no rules, considering how dire the situation is, we need to get just as mean and clever. The information war is a proxy for pacifying and confusing people, I believe misinformation counteracting misinformation is a considerable tactic. Fight fire with fire.
    The worst part is, is that this c*nts goal practically translates to the same object. That a people under the care of big pharma is not better off with intervention, and their drug availability campaign would maim the people nonetheless.

    But, of course, this community knows better, and that piece of propaganda has no place here.

  3. Apparently the video was edited to sound like that was said.
    We know what they want
    We know who needs to go
    But the video doesn’t hold water for evidence.

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