Pharmaceuticals Have Polluted Almost All Rivers Of The World Finds Major UK Study

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A major UK study finds that pharmaceutical manufacturing sites is the primary contributors of drug contamination and has polluted almost all the rivers of the world.

According to recent study, pharmaceutical contamination of the world’s rivers is significantly more widespread than previously assumed, and now constitutes a worldwide hazard to environmental and human health.

A group of experts from York University in the United Kingdom collected over 1,000 water samples from 258 rivers in 104 nations and discovered that many of them had levels of therapeutic medications that were dangerously high.

Only two rivers in Iceland and one near a community in Venezuela were fully untouched by pharmaceutical contamination because their residents do not utilise modern medication.

Lahore, Pakistan; La Paz, Bolivia; and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia had the largest concentrations. The Kai Tak River in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) contained the most medications in a water sample, with 34 pharmaceuticals found.

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8 thoughts on “Pharmaceuticals Have Polluted Almost All Rivers Of The World Finds Major UK Study

  1. All that is happening at the moment, and also the things that happened before in human history, could be described in one sentence: “It is a stupid and vicious species”. It really doesn’t show intelligence when a species constantly fights, kills each other and even awards medals for it. Nowhere else in nature can another species be observed acting so stupidly and self-destructively, even destroying the planet on which it lives.
    This human species always wants a leader, i.e. a government. Why is that?
    All so-called leaders have always turned out to be power-hungry, stupid and contemptuous of humanity and yet this human species keeps electing these psychopaths. Does this show intelligence?
    Now we have reached a point in time where some of these psychopaths want to take over the whole world and make people their livestock. But does this cattle do anything about it? NO!!! These cattle are demonstrating and hoping and waiting for a leader who will free them from this situation. This species is not capable of joining forces and sending these psychopaths packing. This species is also not capable of deciding for itself about its own life.
    There are endless examples of the stupidity of this human species. When someone buys a new car, for example, he wants to know everything about it beforehand, every detail. But when his leader (government) says that the person should have something injected into his organism, the same person does not ask what exactly is in the vaccine serum. If that is not primitive and stupid, what is?
    Many people, especially over the age of 60, regularly to daily ingest chemical compounds (pharmaceuticals) that throw the entire organism out of kilter and damage the cells and organs. Parents have their children vaccinated, although it has been known for more than 100 years that vaccinations do not help against future invasions of microbes. Vaccinated, dead microbes are not recognised by the organism and are merely bound as not belonging here and excreted via blood and then urine.
    People let themselves believe in viruses that have never been proven. And now people are being inoculated with synthetic RNA and many poisons that destroy the entire organism piece by piece. Is that logical and intelligent?
    This human species allows itself to be completely directed by manipulators, i.e. their rulers and the propagandists, i.e. the media, and blindly follows every command without thinking for itself. Basically, this species is a wind-up doll, the rulers turn the key a few times, put the dolls in the desired direction and then the wind-up doll runs according to the instructions.
    There are so-called professors who, on behalf of this system of contempt for humanity, spout completely nonsensical “facts” and the masses of humanity allow themselves to be deceived because, after all, it was a professor who said it. The term professor, however, comes from Latin and simply means teacher, nothing more. But in all the Hollywood movies, professors are always portrayed as scientists and researchers, but that is wrong.
    We, the doctors of the CONFIDO-CLINIC, have been treating international patients of various diseases very successfully for several decades. For example, cancer: There is an alleged cancer research that is always so acclaimed and receives many donations. Nobody even asks whether the researchers are stupid, because so far they have been unsuccessful. In contrast, we treat cancer with successes of over 98 percent, because we know the causes and eliminate them. The same applies to all other diseases, which have been on the increase since the pharmaceutical industry came into existence. Why does nobody think about this fact or paradox? Despite our great treatment successes, we are insulted and insulted even by the people, why?
    Because people have completely given up thinking independently and logically, people tell themselves that this system in which they live only has the best in mind for them. The best, yes, but the best for this system is profit, that is, people’s money.
    These so-called health systems are profit-oriented systems! What would happen to the constantly increasing profits of these systems if they were interested in people getting healthy? On the contrary, they make sure that people get sick and stay sick. Why don’t people see this?
    There are countless other examples of how the human species cannot be an intelligent species. If you take all the facts together, especially the current ones, you inevitably come to the conclusion that this species is now approaching its end. The few remaining independent thinkers have no chance, because another characteristic of this human species is that they even play police for their masters and attack and denounce everyone who, in their manipulated opinion, does not think and act in conformity with this system.
    The mass of humanity and especially the people from the industrialised countries no longer think for themselves, they live in a constant cognitive dissonance. People want to believe that everything is correct and refuse to doubt their false world. In addition, there is perfect training through the media, TV, cinema, computer games, the so-called social media etc.. The results of a dumbing down that is actually taking place have been established in many studies. The neuronal network in people’s brains is rapidly regressing, especially rapidly since the last 40 years, and it continues to decline unceasingly. Therefore, it will probably first come to the complete enslavement of mankind by this group of psychopaths and then to extinction, because these psychopaths want to make genetically manipulated slaves out of mankind, without considering, however, that this project will lead to the death of all.
    We are happy to help the people who still think for themselves, but there are fewer and fewer of them, for obvious reasons.
    Dr. Sven Nelson, attending physician of the free CONFIDO-CLINIC

    1. You put forth a pretty intelligent argument, but argue I will.
      You say there is no leader to bring the people back.
      Each individual freeman sovereign national, when they get up in the morning and wash their face and start the day, is staring at that leader in the mirror.
      The rest of humanity you paint with a broad brush. In nature when a species becomes so overly abundant, with each one added individuality is diluted, but in nature when there becomes too many, the planet and the environment itself will kill off the stupid and the weak.
      There has been a great awakening in this country as a result of a lot of people doing a lot of work to address the problem you outline. And people are not inherently stupid. Wealth and power, being applied at the rate that it is, can be rejected and numbers can destroy the powerful quite easily, just you watch and see.
      You plug your cancer treatment center at the end of your comment. I will say it right to your face, you are full of shit. You do not cure more than any other, as the mass of the people have begun to pull away from the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical companies. More of us heal ourselves naturally and these numbers are never added into the equation because they are apart from the establishment. Be you one year old or sixty, you touch a red hot stove, your natural instincts take over and you do what you have to do to make sure that doesn’t happen again.
      For a people to go from ignorant (not stupid) to enlightened and aware, takes education not consisting of propaganda and lies and that is the direction we are headed.
      They may kill a lot of us, but they aren’t going to come close to killing us all. Whereas in the end, we are going to kill every goddamn one of them.
      The destroyers of our earth you would mark as the person working for the person destroying the earth for mountains of wealth to be acquired just to feed the ego and arrogance of the imps. The destruction to this planet is an absolute outrage, but it has been driven by people with demented minds, and when the earth decides its had enough, it will rid itself of them and it will be by the hands of those who want to survive and know what makes that possible.
      A person gets a piece of paper called a diploma, I’m sorry, but I’m not impressed. All a diploma is is a document affirming that one asshole thinks like another asshole, right or wrong. But like one pulling oneself away from a hot stove, nature will kick in and via the natural order, the true culprit will be removed. To think otherwise is unnatural.
      This is a large problem but you have no conception of the size of the resistance that will destroy it because you live in another world with the 10-20% that believe themselves to be elite in thought. Well I’ve got news for you, you’re not. You’ve been dittle f-king around with one another since time immortal, but you are about to encounter the masses in the jungle that you have created from your arrogance and we will balance the scales and nature will prevail.

      1. ‘ More of us heal ourselves naturally and these numbers are never added into the equation because they are apart from the establishment’……….. Bingo!

        1. You guy’s .. we know ! We have to stay away from hospitals!!! A person should learn to take care of them selves 101!!! WTF I can take alot of sh*t to cure my self!!! They havent killed me yet!!

    2. Sven, I am thinking about what kind of foundation could have been laid for you that resulted in you coming to these conclusions about your very own species. I hear a profound level of low self-esteem and self-worth. Perhaps it was the Marxist universities you walked in and out of, and, like a sponge, absorbed all the anti-human rhetoric. You insult all of the best of life’s creation, and you really insult yourself. What a thing it was to wake up to you this Monday morning, to not only be facing the wars and poisonings and deceptions in the world but to be facing you and your proclamation that,

      “If you take all the facts together, especially the current ones, you inevitably come to the conclusion that this species is now approaching its end. The few remaining independent thinkers have no chance…”

      In my mind, we are only beginning to rise. Veils are being lifted. Integrity is moving through so many hearts and minds, right there with a fierce conviction to take down the evil that has plagued HUMANITY for so long. And speaking of cancer… the real cancer is defeatism. That is what must be eradicated. Sven, we are strong, smart, determined, capable. Find that in yourself and you will see it more in others.


      1. ‘ I hear a profound level of low self-esteem and self-worth. Perhaps it was the Marxist universities you walked in and out of, and, like a sponge, absorbed all the anti-human rhetoric. ‘………ya nailed it sister 🙂

    3. I went to your website. Answer me this, are all the treatments free? Do the patients have to be on that ‘clean island’ to get relief? If so it seems to me only the wealthy would be able to afford that trip.
      You mention a 98% cure rate. I do not see published studies to support your claim.

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