Phil Schneider Last Known Video – The Final Lecture

Published on Jan 29, 2014 by Top Conspiracy Documentaries

The late Phill Scgneider, a retired US government geologist, talks about his days building deep underground bases for the government – Over 131 in the USA, 1 mile or more down, The involvement with alien technology, samples of elements up to atomic #140, are shown. The advanced stealth technology involves the use of alien metals.

This video, made in November 1995, was lost, until late August 1996, when it was recovered. This is the last known video of Phil Schneider while he was still alive. He was “Terminated” on or about 11 January 1996 as a result of what appeared to be a military-style execution. He was found dead in his apartment with piano wire still wrapped around his neck.

4 thoughts on “Phil Schneider Last Known Video – The Final Lecture

  1. I appreciate sincerely what info you put out here. Phil is another one of our fallen heroes. He like many woke up to what was really going on and spoke out to inform the uniformed at risk to life and limb. And, he lost some of his limbs. He was murdered for exposing the truth that what was actually/truly happening was a contractual arrangement between THE fallen angels also called aliens who can and do come in many forms, ie, pleadians, or short and tall grey, nordics, etc. yada yada. ALL in the false guise/premise of protecting the innocent. The unaware/those who don’t know what’s REALLY going on. Because, of course we can’t tell them because they would totally freak out and not be able to function and would thereby disrupt the fabricated NWO hollywood etc. aim to control everyone as they desire. As far as I can tell, I can’t do much to influence a stopage of this beast system. Heck, I seem to be at the end of the dogs tail, as to this satanic economy driven thing. They may be able to murder some of us, but they can’t murder the truth. The only thing that has changed since Phil spoke herin some 19 years ago is that all of these minions of satan have continued seemingly unencumbered and have seemingly gained more ground/control. Yet, something else has happened as a result of what appears to be their supposed victories. Now, today they have come out in the open, all of them. Speaking about what they want to do to us in their proposed future society. Their plan hasn’t been fully accomplished here yet, because were armed to the teeth, and that’s the only reason why. They thought that we were all asleep/dumb’nd down. Now however they know that instead we have armed up instead. Knowledge per scripture has been increased per scripture and we’re looking at the beast, who is causing all of this straight in their eye.(s) What pathetic, failures. All of these creatures like Oh (what a) Bummer and all of those likewise who worship at the synagogue of satan are going to be prosecuted and be found guilty and receive judgement from The Creator for their evil unconscionable deeds. And I’ll add one last thing. Their eternal judgment will be one aspect. But, bringing them to the end of their physical life is another project that I wouldn’t run away from. These people deserve the same they have caused times how ever many innocent lives they have exterminated. Death, to the NWO. They are the lowest of low life scum bags one would ever hope to not have to deal with. For probably the majority of us, a viable economy wherein we can work and buy food, or repair our trucks or cars or repair the leaking roofs of our houses, or buy new shoes/boots, is somewhat long past. I know that it’s been stated before. But, I’m saying it again. When these bastard USA leaders are doling out hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars and oh yes even trillions of dollars to these JEWish banker owners. Just Imagine what if, the 350 million people, not families, but men woman and children in these families were given those many millions of digits to invigorate our economy would do? We ( well not really or truly we, since it’s the them doing all this ‘giving’ to help others) would spend these digits/credits to create new ideas, new innovative ways to make better longer lasting products, and products that weren’t harmful to nature and us. That’s what would happen. But, until this controlling regime is killed off, and eradicated, that won’t happen. I’m not afraid of the aliens, and I’m not afraid of the NWO minions serving them. We don’t need them, and we won’t serve them. They can put out their bs propaganda all day long. We see right through it. Once a con artist is known he has to move on to a different territory where he can exploit the ignorant. Well, they’ve pretty much exploited everywhere and now everybody is pissed off and going after them.=The Jews. =those who worship satan. they’ve been kicked out of over a 1000 countries for doing the same thing they are doing here. The problem is that all of these minion traitors serving them here are unclenched in leadership roles. ie. The Supreme court, The top Military officials. etc. Our republic country was set up under THE CONSTINTUTION which is and has been noted and documented as being the SUPREME authority under we the people. NOT, we the gov’t. Anyway, Henry, thanks for letting me vent my exasperation’s here on your site. Everyone of these who have done and continue to do evil and overthrow this republic will lose in the end. We can morn for patriots like Phil who sought to bring to light the secret/undergrond network of those who never bring anything in the way of technology or truth that enables the individual man with anything that ‘helps’ him better himself or his family or his neighbors. No, everything will be in the name/description of a new threat, so that they have to take more and more of our lifes labor in taxes or whatever to protect us until we can’t give anymore and so in the end we the people are exactly to the desitination where there wanted to bring us to. Whether real or imagined. Well, speaking for myself, I will retain that right and decision for myself, thankyou very much. And, speaking to the NOW, FU very much if you imagine I’m going to just lay down because I’m tired of your bs and let you take my life, my posterity that I’ve worked for, and my country which was and still is founded upon freedom. Good luck with that.I’m not alone. You may own most everything physical, but you don’t own or control the minds of those of us who know who you are and who hate you for good reason. You can’t and never will gain that ground. You have been able to do your evil without being brought to HIS justice. But your time, that time, is quickly coming to a close. We know who you are and we can find where you live. Even if we don’t, Yah will soon be sending His angels to extract you, bind you, and burn you. You have not hope of escape. You are soon to be done. You guys laugh and enjoy all of yours scams like Isis, but soon, you will be under the knife. And I for one can’t wait for this to happen. The NWO will never happen. For who can stand against the Almighty? These NWO minions are clearly unraveling. They will eat and destroy one another. what fools and apostates! Everyone within the reading of this should remove themselves from any involvement with these apostates before they are caught up in their destruction. Choose this day which one ye will serve. Doug Cosmos

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