Philadelphia DA names staffer to protect immigrant rights


(Philadelphia) — Philadelphia’s district attorney has created a new position to protect immigrants trying to navigate the criminal justice system.

Larry Krasner says the office’s new immigration counsel will help people move through the system without facing “disproportionate consequences,” like deportation, because of their status.  

Krasner says the idea is not to let anyone get away with crimes but to “ensure that all people are treated fairly by the justice system regardless of their immigration status.”

He sees it as part of his office’s larger effort to protect vulnerable communities.

Former immigration attorney Caleb U. Arnold was named to the position.

During the district attorney’s race last year, Krasner vowed to stop President Donald Trump’s immigration agenda.

The city has been standing its ground in the Trump administration’s promised crackdown on so-called “sanctuary cities” like Philadelphia, despite possible financial risks.

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