5 thoughts on “Philip Sayce – Who Knows/If 6 Was 9 – 12/31/18 Maui Sugar Mill – Tarzana, CA

      1. +5 here.
        I thought you might like this chune.
        Ran into it by chance. Never heard of him.
        I start getting tired of winter about the anniversary of the day of hatching.
        I’ll be double nickel plus one this Tuesday.
        Got some half way decent kitchen cabinets for the labor that I got to make three trips to sled them here.
        About an eight of a mile each way.
        Just harness to the sled and mule them in. 🙂

        1. In case I forget Tuesday Happy Birthday!!! I’ll have a dime on you 🙂
          Dogs don’t pull that sled for you? haha

  1. (Laughing)
    Ya know? I took them with and had an epiphany on the way in.
    Patch gave me that “I’m not a Malamute” look.

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