9 thoughts on “Pickup plows through protester crowd, drags motorcycle

  1. Either that or get dragged out of truck and be killed, FK EM, driver had every right to plow through them as required, you block me, I run your ass over and while not wearing a mask, FK YOU, new ball game people..

    You block me, your dead.. i could care FKG less, your choice..

    1. yup, from where i come from Vehicles belong on roads , not people or rioters
      in my state there are signs saying no pedestrians on the highway

      maybe their mom didnt teach them not to play on the roads?…they still living in her basement , maybe they should check with her before they do something stupid and life altering ?

  2. As great as this is, they haven’t seen nothing yet! And I’m talking to their masters first. these tards in the streets are mostly just dumb fks being used and looking for an opportunity to feel powerful, but hey, stand in the road and look what happens.

    Remember those two chicks that got taken out when blocking the road a couple weeks ago. I felt bad that I couldn’t stop replaying the video and lmao…..

  3. Kind of funny, but if I were driving the truck, I would be a bit nervous about grinding through the motorcycle’s gas tank.

  4. i saw another video of this incident

    a rioter pulled the motorcycle in front of the truck and got off like he was going to do damage to the truck and its driver , pick up truck guy hit the gas and the rest of the punks bike is history

    stupid cycle driver forgot that motorcycles dont stop trucks

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