Piers Morgan Charged with Conspiracy to Insurrection against the Republic of the United States

After being thoroughly thrashed by Larry Pratt (President of Gun Owners of America) on Tuesday night, Piers Morgan returned on Wednesday surrounded by his communist brothers and sisters, allowing only a couple of stooges from the controlled opposition to attend what he billed as a debate.

Morgan has only been in this country for seven years but declares himself the champion for the abolishment of our 2nd Amendment.  Morgan is an agent of the Queen of England, a Tory who should be arrested immediately and charged with agitating for insurrection and overthrow of the Republic of the united States of the Americas.

The Bill of Rights is the first ten articles of the original Constitution for the united States of the Americas.  It is absolute law supreme.  The rights contained therein are described as inalienable (Unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor).  These rights were won through bloody conflict and that is the only way they can be removed.  These are individual rights, belonging exclusively to the individual and no collective or individual can remove these rights from any US sovereign.  Any attempt to do so is by definition an act of insurgency upon the cornerstone on which every other law that followed sits upon.

The parasitic puke Piers Morgan has absolutely no right to even suggest that any part of the foundation of our law can be removed and for anyone to suggest such is by definition an act of constructive treason against our Republic and our people.

During Morgan’s act of treachery, he asked one of the controlled opposition present, “Why does any American need an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle with a 30 round clip?”  The traitor by proxy who attempted to answer the question put forth the assertion that the rifle was necessary in case a criminal was attacking and more than one shot was needed in a hurry.  A milk toast half truth at best.

I will answer your question, Piers Morgan.  We need our war rifles, et.al., because the communist insurgency that you are a part of that is trying to overthrow our Republic and enslave us is armed with war rifles.  The reason you want to get rid of ours is the oldest excuse in history.  You cowardly British scum want to slaughter us as unarmed victims, rather than fight us as warriors.

You know you are outnumbered thousands to one and the only real weapon you have ever possessed is your cowardly duplicity.  You pompous English like to portray yourselves as brave.  I spit in your face, every one of you.  You, like your forefathers, will be decimated by we American nationals.  You, like your forefathers, are going to be sent running back to England with your tails between your legs.  The only difference there is going to be this time around is we are not going to let it go at that.  We are going to invade your country, like you tried to invade ours and we are going to wipe out your aristocracy forever.

If you, like your cowardly forefathers, hire mercenaries to fight in your stead in the form of Chinamen wearing UN powder blue, American nationals will kill every one of them that dares to step foot upon our sacred land.  Our people are awake and for far too long, our kindness has been taken for weakness.

This day, via this public document, I charge Piers Morgan with conspiracy to commit insurrection against the Republic and the sovereigns of the united States of the Americas.  Whether I survive or not to see the victory, I promise you this document will.  And you Piers, you limey piece of shit, are going to be tried and prosecuted under the very laws you sought to usurp.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

32 thoughts on “Piers Morgan Charged with Conspiracy to Insurrection against the Republic of the United States

  1. the average little guy in England isn’t involved with the Economic Terrorists who benefit from the “Jewish” agenda being prosecuted by the city of london…


    same goes for America, Scotland, Ireland, France and Germany –
    the Israelite Nations hijacked by the moneychanger Synagogue of Satan leaven of the Pharisees so-called “Jews”….


    Piers Morgan gives new meaning to the word CUNT…

    why FACTS just bounce right off his head

    Justifiably Homicide Talmudvision

      1. Pretty sure you are wrong on this. The two words are interchangeable and have been since the beginning. The fact that there is this debate merely reflects that folks will debate anything. And so it should be in this Republic of ours. It is more important that people get a handle of the difference in a Republic and a Democracy. Wrongly believing that we live in a Democracy is what has allowed us to get into this mess in the first place. Under our Constitutional Republic, if followed to the letter, we would never have allowed specific changes in our nation to occur.

        1. “Pretty sure you are wrong on this. The two words are interchangeable and have been since the beginning.”


          “Inalienable or unalienable refers to that which cannot be given away or taken away. However, the Founders used the word “unalienable”…..
          This was taken from the online dictionary.

          That’s a BIG however, in my book.

          If the Founders used UNalienable, and the NWO INSISTS on using INalienable, then you can pretty much bet the farm there’s a difference.

  2. Actually, Henry, I’ve known some Mafia guys in my day. I would never equate them to this pos nor his commie bros. I have more respect for the Mafia than I do for any politician. They have better morals.

    1. Ditto on the Mafia. I’ve worked for them (in non-criminal enterprises) and they’ve always seemed to be honest and moral people.

  3. This POS morgan guy has been over here for 7 yr.s. If he doesn`t like our given rights then he should take that attitude of his along with that irritating – info commercial british accent – right back to where he came from. He is just another troll for the queen in my books. Take his gun control right back to britain or where ever he came from and sell his shamwa tactics over there……… P.S. HA HA HA , I just cannot seem to get the image of piers morgan dressed up in one of those clown suits that they all seem to be dressed up in to be one of those guards at the queens palace.

  4. As I always say, if you ain’t born in this country, you have no business judging it and trying to change people’s views of it. It’s not yours to change!

    Piers Morgan
    Zionist Jews

    All of these people have no business or authority being in public and/or government position to change people’s views on America. They have no right regardless of how long they have been here. Unless they were born or grew up in the U.S., they have no right to be in the positions they are in. It would be like me being the Assistant to Chairman Xi Jin Ping in China. Would anyone take me seriously or not be insulted? I think not! The same goes for our country. GET THE F**K OUT AND TAKE YOUR ZIONIST, FASCIST, COMMUNIST VIEWS WITH YOU!!!

    1. The next amendment to the Constitution will be that anyone who is NOT born in this country CANNOT hold a position in government or be a member of any public positions. It works in other countries, why not ours.

    2. How about, “Anyone who promotes/agitates for war, is sent to the FRONT LINES to SERVE in the war they promoted”. I said “front lines” none of this rear area clerk duty crap.

      1. Haha! I completely agree with you and if the president advocates it, he goes to the front lines of the war and fights it himself like the King that he thinks he is.

  5. The difference between Piers Morgan (represents the British) and Jesse Ventura (represents the U.S. patriots) after being shot:

    Piers Morgan: “OMG! I’m shot and bleeding.”

    Jesse Ventura: “I ain’t got time to bleed.”

    Enough said.

  6. Morgan is nothing but a neo-redcoat, and since he thinks we are all still colonists we should show him what the colonists did to his ancestors.

    I suspect that once the party starts the socialists wont be able to protect him from being scooped up by some really pissed off patriots

  7. You can’t blame Piers for being jealous of our freedoms. He’s probably still sour because we kicked his country’s ass over 200 years ago with only knives and pitchforks and small armed militias. His queen is nothing but a walking antique ready to break.

  8. The Brits are a bunch of faggots anyway, kissing that rumbled, old hag queens ass and the rest of the inbred royal scum. The best way to deal with “royals” is off with their heads.

  9. I would have liked for someone to show him that photo of that teacher in Israhell with the rifle slung over her shoulder at school, and ask him if he thought those should be taken from them.

    I’m sure the look on his face would have been priceless.

    Like a deer caught in the headlights?

    That little rat needs to scurry back to his decrepit old crone of a queen, before someone hands him his head.


    The LDS project is falling apart in the US, THANK GOD! Here’s a primer on this organization and the opportunity to purge this satanic organization from your community and hopefully the entire planet, INCLUDING SHILL TORY SNAKE MAN, PIERS MORGAN.

    The Vatican was prohibited from organizing in the US by the founders. I won’t discuss this here, just know this organization is a city state Globalist entity that at the time was networked with London and Amsterdam and that their first collaborated anti-Protestant reformation project was the Baptist church (1605).

    The Mormon church was engineered to present in the US to penetrate Protestantism in abeyance of the founders prohibition on the Vatican. In other words, the Mormon church is a manifestation of the Vatican.

    The Mormon president is the equivalent of the Pope, and this individual practices the black mass in keeping with the Cluniac monks and the Druid College pre 500 AD. For example, Spencer Kimball perped Laurie Partridge (1974), one of many.

    In the black mass, the president of the church takes, rapes and sacrifice a cohort of female victims whose fetus are rendition AFTER their mother’s heart has been removed via the sacrifice. Her death – and subsequent birth of the infant – is believed to produce a soulless child.

    Newtown was a collaborated false flag domestic terrorism scheme, an adaptation of the black mass sacrifice designed to embed gun control hysteria in shock and awe and collective discipline. This event bears the occult 911/Atramental Lodge 23 signature and is therefore a DC/Vatican inspired protocol.

    The Mormon church recruited heavily at it’s inception using sex to bait membership. Joseph Smith is a myth. The real founder was Brigham Young, and he established this SSO in the US on domestic false flag terrorism otherwise known as 911 and later Atramental Lodge 23 in DC.

    The priesthood is Druid, Jewish, Cluniac and is largely influenced by Greek and Egyptian mythologies, Amen Ra-Toth and the Cult of Castores. The latter is the oldest SSO on the planet.

    Thomas Monson and Obama co-perped XI-U, 911/333 (Natalee Holloway, Crystal Hall, Brittanee Drexel, Megan Maxwell, Paige Johnson, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Robyn Gardner, Katelyn Markham and Karen Swift). The only reason they want gun control is to prevent YOU from opposing your occult acculturation.

    When you see paedomorphs like Michael Moore, Piers Morgan and Eric Loomis start to surface in a press for insurrection and are confused about their link to the mormon church, that connection is via city state organization the Vatican, City of London and Atramental Lodge is DC, all of which sponsor the Mormon church and are singularly the Globalist entity what political agenda in the US is legislative sedition precipitated by shock and awe and collective discipline in such events as Tucson, Aurora, Newtown ANAI.

    Copy, paste and circulate.

  11. That Limey would be speaking German if AMERICANS had not GIVEN England their CIVILIAN Owned weapons at the beginning of WWII.

  12. Off the Pier: A voice for the royal mafia that burned down the US Capitol in Washington. Why doesn’t someone remind him of sotero’s and holder’s fast & furious project? Let’s see……40 thousand+ dead in Mexico. How many kids under 6 years old murdered by the us injustice department in that nation alone? Never mind the nations visited by drone democracy in the middle east and coming to your neighborhood real soon. There will come a day when the American People will see the light and the fools they have suffered will have their day of reckoning. You think sotero and holder are having fun laughing, running & shooting hoops? The day will come when their nikes won’t put a dent in the mob overrunning their fun afternoon. For once, I will watch TV on that day to catch the updates on the jockstraps flying through the air while the deflated basketballs double dribble into the ashbin of history.

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