‘Pipe bombs’ a political stunt staged by Democrats before midterm elections: Scholar

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A series of suspected “pipe bombs” sent to prominent US Democrats and the news outlet CNN appears to be desperate political stunt staged by Democrats to gain sympathy before the midterm elections, American academic and political commentator James Henry Fetzer says.

Fetzer made the remarks in an email interview with Press TV on Thursday when asked whether the killing of Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi and Republican President Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric have any links with the suspected bombs allegedly sent to Democrats.  

“The death of Jamal Khashoggi, a resident of the United States and columnist for The Washington Post, appears to have been a brutal but clumsy assassination of a prominent critic of the Saudi regime, including of the Crown Prince,” Fetzer said.

“Khashoggi appears to have been apprehended upon his entrance into the Saudi Consulate in Ankara, to have spoken by phone with the Crown Prince and then been tortured, including having his fingers severed, one by one, before his beheading. This is akin to taking the hands of thieves: his fingers would have been chopped off because they were the instruments by which he typed his columns for publication. They sent out a body double wearing his clothing with a fake beard and glasses, which was clear confirmation that this was a deliberate murder with a political agenda, which has to have been approved by the Crown Prince himself,” he added.

Fetzer, who has done extensive research on the 9/11 attacks, added that the “alleged ‘pipe bombs’ turning up in the US mail delivered within close proximity of one another to prominent Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros and (even) Joe Biden, appears to be a desperate stunt by the Democrats to gain sympathy and trash Trump before the midterm elections, which are going very badly for them.”

“The attempt to smear the president’s nominee to the Supreme Court with fabricated allegations of sexual abuse was exposed as a sham by the FBI’s supplemental investigation, which was initiated by Sen. Flake of Arizona and had the effect of clearing him. The migrant caravan approaching the US border might as well serve as a political commercial for the wall, where a reasonable prediction would be that the GOP will now pick up between 3-5 seats in the Senate and run even in the House of Representatives,” he explained.

“Liberal extremists have made horrific threats against the President in the past, where Madonna shared her dreams of “blowing up the White House” and comedian Kathy Griffin has held (what simulated) the severed head of Donald Trump. Republicans playing baseball were subjected to an assault using a rifle, which wounded the GOP House Whip,” he stated.

“Several prominent Democrats, including Maxine Waters, have exhorted their followers to confront, hound and harass prominent Republicans. Under these circumstances, their attempts to blame Trump for inciting violence are completely absurd. That the head of CNN would come out to trash him when an investigation has yet to be completed and the stance of John Brennan, whose name is oddly misspelled on the package purportedly intended for him, only further confirms that this was yet another ‘false flag’ political event,” the analyst concluded.


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