6 thoughts on “Plan to Burn up Northern California Disclosed

  1. this was back in Feb 2017, the plan to burn this property down has been in the works for over a year , possibly longer
    I made other comments about tracking fires in this state over a period of 12-15 years and how many fires VS how many in the past 10-12 months

    she was wrote off as a nut case , and should have a security team..because shes a target ..cold be Vince Fostered already or soon

    Next will be day and days of rain , than massive mud slides ( part of the plan) because the fact is , there wont be any foliage to hold the ground ..add in a few earth quakes and that entire area will be decimated completely

    than watch the government take over and hide the true agenda behind this all

    the fact that people with a lot of money that spent more to save their property , could end up targets is a very huge possibility

    watch this with a very skeptical eye , because its nothing but an orchestrated land grab ..just ask the ranchers, farmers and property owners and those that are dead because they stood up against the land grabbers

    what huge project was slated for this area ? and didn’t go through because there were too many humans in the way ?…ill leave you with that

    1. She has been at this for years ….people still think she is a nut case…you know …if they didn’t see it on the stupid box it didn’t happen

          1. I do the same thing MaryTX..I read the comments ..so much intel can be found in the bread crumbs if you just dig and have a critical mind

            ill go check out what you posted

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