Police: 17-Year-Old Strangled By Seat Belt In Cop Car

The Indy Channel  ANDERSON, Ind. — State police are investigating the death of a 17-year-old who apparently strangled himself with a seat belt in the back of a police car, investigators said.

Police were called to a burglary early Wednesday morning at the Madison County Shrine Club, where two juveniles and one adult were taken into custody, police said.

Gary Dalzel is the Shrine Club president. He got to the scene after getting a call about a possible break-in. He said the alleged burglars were after the club’s stash of liquor.

“They had two trash barrels loaded with alcohol,” Dalzel told RTV6’s Drew Smith. “They were taking it, and I think when they saw the police, they dropped it and went to the roof.”

Dalzell said when he got to the scene about 12:45 a.m., police had the building surrounded, the alleged burglars were up on the roof, police had the bull horns out and they were trying to talk them down.

“They finally got them down, put them in the cars and took the police dog K-9 unit to the building and checked to see if there was anybody else there,” Dalzel said.

Police said the three offenders were handcuffed behind their backs and put in the back seats of three different patrol cars while police returned to the building to investigate.

“How long a period of time can someone remain in the patrol car by himself without an officer there? Well there are several factors involved in that, and it’s part of the investigation that I cannot release right now,” Anderson Police Chief Larry Crenshaw said.

Police said the 17-year-old managed to move his handcuffed hands from behind his back to the front of his body.

Investigators said it appears he then used the seat belt to strangle himself.

When the teen was discovered, police performed CPR and called for an ambulance, police reported.

Police said the teen was transported to St. John’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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28 thoughts on “Police: 17-Year-Old Strangled By Seat Belt In Cop Car

    1. Guess the cops don`t have to clean up any of that brain spray if they use a seat belt huh.- also a seat belt isn`t as loud and noisy as a gun eh, Fickin` pigs – got a rope?, Clark?

        1. It will need to be a good strong one. A hemp rope maybe. eh? hahaha. just kidding maybe lol. PS Clark I`m going to check out that site you gave us all – it so far was real good, the one about cops being registered. It`s on my favorites list . Thank you for that one by the way Clark.

  1. Wasn’t even going to bother commenting because everyone knows what I’m going to say, and everyone else is going to say the same thing.

    So I guess the comment is that everyone must also know what has to be done. It’s become that obvious now.

  2. Yeah,.. right,.. I’m sure he felt like committing suicide over a couple of bottles of booze,..

    UH-huh,.. sure,.. right.

    Thats about as believable as Obama’s “birth certificate”, or the gov’ts story of a plane hitting the Pentagon,.. and getting COMPLETELY vaporized by fire.

    Wow,.. this gov’t really does believe ALL Americans are complete morons,.. and they are willing to let police murder a 17 year old kid to prove it!

    Its only a matter of time before we ALL start getting suicided,.. unless Americans starting fighting back in force.

    JD – US Marines – Appalled that police have murdered ANOTHER American kid.

  3. It would appear we have a new trend emerging in this country.
    Namely, suicides by handcuffed suspects in the back seats of cop cars.

    Bizarre doesn’t even begin to explain this phenomenon.

  4. I am glad I am not the only one who noticed that someone else recently died, in the back of a patrol car, after blowing his brains out with a gun. Not sure how someone, who has been arrested, handcuffed and placed in the back of a patrol car manages to have a concealed weapon on them, that they are able to reach, and then to somehow blow their brains out. . . without police assistance, seems highly unlikely at best.

  5. Everybody knows what needs to happen. Pick your method and let’s start getting this done. Any way you choose will work if everyone unites in purpose.

    The cops need to choose, right now, what they are. They are either loyal to their government masters that pay them or they are loyal to their families and friends that love them.

    They need to choose. Immediately.

  6. Before we crucify this LEO by our lack of information.

    The teens are playing dangerous games without us adults knowing about it.

    Kinda like ‘fightclub’.

    Its called the choking game (I suggest looking it up.), I guess he wanted to boast to his friends that play the same game that he did it in a cop car. He probably messed up, passed out, the rest is history and gravity.

    1. yeah remember that game where they are handcuffed behind their backs in a police cruiser and then shoot themselves in the head with a gun they never had. That game is a riot!

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