Police: Beware of this Netflix scam email

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Police in Ohio are warning Netflix customers to beware of emails that appear to be sent from the streaming service.

Police in Solon, Ohio, recently shared a screenshot of a phishing email designed to steal personal information. The email claims the user’s account is on hold because Netflix is “having some trouble with your current billing information.”  

“Biggest clue is that I don’t have a Netflix account,” the officer wrote of realizing the email was a scam.

“Criminals want you to click the links, so that you voluntarily give your personal identifying information away. It is very successful. Don’t put your guard down. Contact the source of the email by another method that you trust, to make sure your accounts are maintained. Don’t click the links. The links could also be a way to install malware on your computer,” the post reads.

Commenters on Facebook pointed out that the email also contained an international phone number, strange punctuation and the odd greeting, “Hi Dear.”

On its support website, Netflix echoes the police department’s advice: “Never enter your login or financial details after following a link in an email or text message. If you’re unsure if you’re visiting our legitimate Netflix website, type www.netflix.com directly into your web browser.”


One thought on “Police: Beware of this Netflix scam email

  1. like the pigs really care,, they dont GAF if you get scammed

    they are the only ones that they care about getting scammed

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