Police car thrown from bridge by violent mobs in Egypt

Published on Aug 14, 2013 by dailymailexclusive1

A mob throws a police car from a bridge, reportedly killing five officers, as pro and anti Morsi protesters clash in violent scenes in Egypt.

3 thoughts on “Police car thrown from bridge by violent mobs in Egypt

  1. I guess those peaceful protestors don’t like being treated like rifle targets. Violence begets …….turn the other cheek. Yeah……right.

  2. The only cheek they should be turning is a BA! The Evil Elitist Hoard of the European Central bank is having a hey-day with their doom & gloom checker board…..Expose the CIA & Evergreen Air for polluting our atmosphere with toxic chemicals….The very same air they’re breathing, SMART! Continue to fight for Liberty, freedom, Justice & Truth

  3. Well, at least they are passionate. Something is definitely wrong with
    Americans. Gov experiment!!! Results;; No Passion, dead people
    walking, chicken shits.

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