Police Come Upon Surrendered Suspect Lying Down With Arms & Legs Spread, Proceed To Viciously Beat Him

Information Liberation – by Chris

When four Canadian police officers came upon a surrendered suspect lying on the ground with his arms and legs spread in a moment of total submission, they did what any “law enforcement” officer in their position would do: beat the man senseless, then lie about it on their police report.

Via CBC:

Four police officers from Trois-Rivières have been suspended with pay over possible misconduct, CBC Radio-Canada has learned.

The suspensions follows an incident during their arrest of an individual suspected of robbery last week.

The officers had been called to a suspected robbery at a pharmacy in the Normanville district of Trois-Rivières early Friday morning.

The four officers then chased a suspect to an area near the Trois-Rivières CÉGEP.

It was what happened during the arrest that has brought the officers’ conduct into question.

Trois-Rivières city spokesman, Yvan Toutant, would not confirm what the police are suspected of doing.

He said police officials received information about the arrest which is not consistent with the police report.

In other words, the cops lied. Thankfully, it was all caught on camera.
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14 thoughts on “Police Come Upon Surrendered Suspect Lying Down With Arms & Legs Spread, Proceed To Viciously Beat Him

  1. breaking information says the RF frequencies on cops shoulder mounted communicators are behind the escalation in poiice violence. it can even be used to speak directly into a cops cortex by passing his inner and outter ear. this from the creator of the hearing aid which works the same way

    1. STEROIDS ,ANTIDEPRESSANTS, BULLY SYNDROME AND A FREE REIN add a cowardly self centered slave mentality welfare state population and with no repurcussions (punishment) for their thuggery is why this natural progression is soon to come to a head.
      These cops are nothing more than state sanctioned gangsters parading ‘swaggering around in silly state issued costumes,cant wait for national comeuppance day as like all cowards they whine and cry “but i was just doing my job” and now we will do ours charge, convict, hang ,job done.

        1. I’ve always considered that to be bird feeders. They don’t actually become windchimes until our feathered friends have turned their flesh into bird crap.

  2. Cops will be cops – a bunch of untrustworthy thugs. Any one see that F`er Drew Peterson friday when he got sentenced to 38 yr.s. Tough guy Drew P. just couldn`t handle getting sentenced to prison after being found guilty of murder – cops can dish out punishment but they cry like little babies when they get caught and they all think that they are above the law and think that they have a licence to do whatever they want.

  3. “The police” . What a bunch of criminals. And they are the ones responsible for people hating them with conduct like this. However the reason people hate them and don’t trust a thing they say is not because there are bad apples, which is possible in any outfit, but it is the eternal covering up of crimes that has done them in.
    There is only one response to a video taped crime and that is conviction, but just you watch if they don’t get exonerated and their crimes swept under the rug at lightning speed. In Canada cops kill innocents in plain daylight and nothing happens.

  4. I must admit, once the SHTF, it would be a tough decision as to who to take out first – the blue hats (or whatever foreign troops are sent in) or the gang in blue.

    Of course, if the blue hats would do us the favor of shooting the gang in blue @sswipes first, that would greatly simplify matters.

    1. I say lets collect and trade their little badges like BASEBALL cards,it will be a new craze sweeping the land bigger than beanie babies. Or we can make windchimes but lets include all traitors its only fair.

  5. This video does however raise a huge moral question.
    Should we destroy CCTV cameras (as in Europe) because they are spying on us, or keep them so that we can monitor the Police?

    1. Destroy them for one simple reason…the CCTV cameras are under the CONTROL of the cops, and usually seem to “malfunction” at the exact moment that a cop is doing something illegal/immoral. even if several are pointing to the same spot, the cop aura of incompentence usually kills them, but they magically start working again right afterwards.

      What you tend to see in videos are PRIVATE cameras before the cops get their hands on them to “confiscate” them. But the main police autorized ones? They’re there to get YOU and ONLY you. They can’t see the colour blue.

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