Police cover names and badge numbers…

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Statement from Freedom Convoy leaders…


Citizen Free Press

8 thoughts on “Police cover names and badge numbers…

  1. Those must be the UN troops as they look like they don’t know where they’re at nor give a shit about the people of the country that they’re in. The fact that their badges are covered just makes it more clearer.

  2. As I said in a previous post comment, these are likely UN troops. According to the link I posted, these folks couldn’t speak English or French. And as for the “cop” who rode his horse over some elderly lady, it turns out that lady was a member of First Nations (aka “Indians”)… so much for the so-called “rule” that only white Canadians can be persecuted…. No wonder they have to cover their names and badges! Because alll tyrants are truly COWARDS! (But right…blame it on the horse…)

  3. We’ve been saying it for years, decades even, but a few of the sheeple are finally starting to realize we were serious all along when we said “THIS IS A WAR YOU IDIOTS! WAKE THE F*CK UP!!!”. I think it might be time to finally start realizing also that there are NO RULES in war – then you’ll finally figure out how to start mopping up these f*cking cowards hiding behind their face-shields, armor & organized gangs – which btw are miniscule in number if you really start overwhelming them. F*ck these cowardly POS! They deserve EVERYTHING that’s coming to them!!!

  4. While the shooting of these scumbags with badges (enforcers of tyranny) should already have started no matter whom they are…. If they are in fact UN fkrs positioned as LEOs on Canadian or American soil…it is shoot on sight…no retreat….

  5. They did the same in Melbourne Australia. We believe they were mercinaries bought in to do the shit work and then they were gone. No one to prosecute after the fact

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