Police are creating a national surveillance network using COMTEC, Project Green Light etc.


Detroit officials have been using the Macomb County Communications and Technology Center (COMTEC) to spy on everyone since 2013.

According to an article in the Macomb Daily News, law enforcement and DoT officials are using CCTV cameras to spy on everyone.  

“COMTEC’s most-prominent feature is a 20-by-50 foot video wall complete with 54 70-inch individual monitors capable of displaying weather and GPS mapping; television and cable stations; live video from Road Department and Michigan Department of Transportation cameras at intersections throughout the county; siren alerts; computer displays and video conferencing.”

Last month I warned everyone, that the Saginaw police are forcing business owners to pay for CCTV cameras granting them real-time access.

Saginaw police initially asked businesses to ‘voluntarily’ join Project Green Light.

But this year things changed for the worse; law enforcement soon made it mandatory for businesses to pay the police to let them spy on everyone.

 “The individuals who have the businesses will receive a certificate from the police department when they have been approved for their lighting and for their camera system” Saginaw Police Chief Bob Ruth said

Why do police need COMTEC and Operation Green Light to spy on people?

The answer is disturbing.

Law enforcement is sneaky and is convincing the public to accept similar surveillance programs but with different names.

Below, are some examples of how COMTEC and Project Green Light have been renamed.

Next Generation 911
Virtual Block Watch
Four Camera PODS
Project NOLA
Blue Line Technology
Operation SafeCam
Long Beach Operating Picture

COMTEC used to spy on students in real-time

Police are thrilled to spy on students and will use COMTEC to spy on them in real-time.

Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel said, “giving access to law enforcement from the schools to see things that are happening inside that school in real-time, if and when an active shooter, wow what an incredible advantage.”

And if that doesn’t worry you, maybe this will.

A recent article in the Macomb Daily News, reveals that all school districts openly work with the FBI, State Police and the Sheriff’s Department.

Politicians are glamorizing spying on the public.

Spying on the public is exciting

Government officials are thrilled to spy on the public.

“It’s an incredible facility,” said Mark Hackel, Macomb County executive. “I call it Christmas come early; not just for us, but for the citizens of Macomb County.”

Spying on people in real-time is not an early Christmas package, it is a warning to everyone that things are getting worse.

The above examples of politicians and law enforcement working together to create local surveillance centers reveals a much deeper plan.

Once programs like COMTEC, Project NOLA etc., are connected to one another they will create DHS/CBP run national surveillance network that will rival China and the UK.


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  1. Is there anyone who can prove to me that we are not living/existing under an occupation by a foreign power?

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