Police Detained a College Student Over Terminator Costume

Reason – by Zuri Davis

An incident on the University of Central Florida’s campus is a reminder that not everyone is willing to suspend their fear and paranoia for the sake of Halloween.

The campus was put on alert Tuesday when unnamed student decided dress up like the Terminator. The student decided to take his costume to the next level by pairing his dark clothing with a bandolier containing real ammunition. According to a police statement, someone made a call to 911 to report the student as suspicious. Police arrived “swiftly,” detained the student, and questioned him. University police determined that he was not a threat and decided against making an arrest.  

University police shared a picture of the student’s costume, warning that real ammunition and weapons “scares others” and “puts safety at risk.”

According to university policy, the possession of weapons and firearms is prohibited. This includes obvious items like swords, knives, chemical devices, and the like. Not mentioned on the list, however, is ammo. University police acknowledged that while possessing ammo was not against the rules, using it for Halloween props was discouraged.


One thought on “Police Detained a College Student Over Terminator Costume

  1. University police shared a picture of the student’s costume, warning that real ammunition and weapons “scares others” and “puts safety at risk.” ( but refuses to acknowledge or accept that its not illegal because if it were accepted there would be no point in detaining the individual )

    as the Pig stands there in full battle dress.. Pistol with at least 4 mags full double stack no less , a tazer, and cuffs a knife and a beat the shit out of you stick ..oh the hypocrisy of it all

    I also like the typ. pig excuse for murdering someone ” I thought he had a gun”
    We all have guns you stupid prick,(or should) this is the USA Its a dam BIRTHRIGHT

    this should be the shittyest excuse to shoot at someone , in Fact if its used as an excuse the pig should do 20 years to LIFE
    the Pig that murdered a teenager in Detroit on his ATV is using this as his defense as the kid is trying to run home from the murderers, hes going to pull a gun at 45 miles an hour, shoot behind him into a speeding pig mobile and shoot the pig dead?
    yet the pig never saw any gun..because there wasnt any gun
    so that defense should be thrown out..i hope that pig gets life


    and if you really thought he had a gun, than why did you use your tazer instead of your pistol ? it just dont add up

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