Police Drug-Sniffing Dog Is Fired For Slacking Off On The Job; Cost City $13,000

article imageOpposing Views – by Doris Quintanilla

A Mississippi police dog has been fired from the force after he was found playing instead of aiding in drug busts.

The Beligian Malinois dog known as “Fred” will be sent back to the training facility where the came from after the city of Gulfport paid between $12,000 and $13,000 for him and his training, the Sun Herald reports.

The Gulfport Police Department says Fred was “slacking off,” despite being given a chance to shape up.

The City Council unanimously approved a resolution on Tuesday that considered Fred to be “surplus property.” The Police Department will now sell Fred back to K-9 Unlimited, where they originally got him from.

“We’ll get some of our money back for the dog when we bring him back to the facility,” Chief Leonard Papania said. “I can’t speak specifically about what will happen with Fred. I can tell you nothing terrible will happen to Fred.”

Despite reports of Fred slacking off on the job, Roger Abshire, owner of K-9 Unlimited, told KATC Fred is only leaving Gulfport because he did not work well with his new canine handler.

Fred will soon be moving on to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office, and the Gulfport Police Department will be purchasing a replacement dog from K9-Unlimited, KATC reports.

Business is business, but Chief Papania knows letting go of Fred won’t be that easy.

“Your K-9 handlers do have a bond with these animals,” he told the Sun Herald. “They spend a lot of time with them. These animals are kept in their homes. You do have that working bond. But they also are aware of the ultimate responsibility we have with these animals.”

Source: The Sun Herald, KATC


7 thoughts on “Police Drug-Sniffing Dog Is Fired For Slacking Off On The Job; Cost City $13,000

  1. “But they also are aware of the ultimate responsibility we have with these animals.” Yeah, like sending them into a dangerous situation that the officer is too chickenshat to go into himself. Cowards.

    Stay Alert, Stay Alive

  2. Don’t worry, the defective dog will just get a two week paid vacation and be reassigned with another precinct where he can resume his slacked off duties and attacking people for a living. No different than the life of your average PIG cop with the same sized brain.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love dogs, but when the government places the dog as having more rights than you do and can kill you without remorse just because it is a police dog, I have no respect for them. I know people can say it’s not their fault and that it’s the training. But the same can be said for the PIG cops and let’s face it, if they hire people with psychological problems to become cops, what’s to say that they don’t do the same for dogs? Maybe that dog has a history of going crazy on people for no reason, too. Food for thought.

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