Police Notify Family of Son’s Homicide, Shoot Pet Dog

Infowars – by Paul Joseph Watson

Police in Henrico County, Virginia visited a family’s home to impart the tragic news that their son had been killed in a homicide but then proceeded to shoot the family’s pet dog Tiger.

33-year-old Ricky Ellerbe was robbed for $15 dollars and shot to death just eight blocks from his house.  

When police arrived at the family home to tell them Ellerbe’s body had been found near an alley, the Ellerbe family pitbull, Tiger, ran towards one of the officers from the backyard but was almost instantly shot dead.

“They had told me my brother was dead and I’d come out back to cry on the porch and Tiger must have heard them. He ran into the front yard and the officer shot him,” LaToya Ellerbe told the News & Advance.

Henrico Police refused to comment on the incident.

The incident follows a spate of similar occurrences where police escalate already fraught situations by killing dogs in what many charge are unnecessary shootings.

In another recent incident in Ohio, police shot dead a pet wolf dog during a pursuit of a teenage suspect.

Last month, Hawthorne Police in California shot the dog of a man who was recording a police scene on his cell phone. As Leon Rosby was being arrested for “interference with officers,” his dog Max escaped from the car and ran over to the owner. Video shows the dog jumping up at a police officer – behavior which could hardly be described as an attack – but the officer shoots the dog dead as onlookers scream in horror.

The incident sparked outrage on the Internet and led to protests in the local area.

A more debatable case also occurred earlier this month in Bellingham, WA when officers from Bellingham Police Department shot and killed a dog named Pinky as they were questioning a suspect in a skate park.

Although the dog was well known and loved in the neighborhood, the suspect was accused of using it to intimidate out of towners and the video shows the pitbull attacking an officer before being shot.

Some have questioned why cops seem so eager to kill dogs, suggesting that the response must have its roots in police training.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.


10 thoughts on “Police Notify Family of Son’s Homicide, Shoot Pet Dog

  1. If you notice the police started it. Gave him the finger or a hand jesture walking up, cuffed him and then shoved on him and got a rifle out. All illegal acts for them to do. At what point is a police office a officer when engaging in crime? I would say at the point walking up and giving the finger and armed they were thugs. They were showing what they are here. Those worthless to society and being payd to be that way. So they need charged with armed violence at least and be put in prison for that. We do not need such on our streets. This is about far more than shooting a dog. This is criminals shooting a dog while being involved in a armed crime. They need hung for this one.

    1. No sh#t, Sherlock. Like we don’t already know this?

      That has no bearing on the validity of the story, however.

    2. Yeah the messenger sucks & is a Zioturd, but the info is valid. Got this tool called a computer & the story is up on other sites. Do a search.

      I quit shooting messengers long ago. Getting blind sided because of lack of info was strategically stupid.

  2. I think these dog-killing cops are going to get shot to pieces first.

    It seems like shooting the dog is standard policy now, and I think this is what will be most likely to get people shooting back at them.

  3. I despise abusive government employees.
    I despise the creeping tyranny in the US.
    I despise cops who kick in doors looking for drugs & other non-threatening items.
    However, if a pit bull charges me, I shall kill it, whether I’m there to tell the family of their sons death, deliver their mail or date their daughter.
    To those of you who like having these “bad ass pit bulls” for their macho effect, KEEP A GODDAMNED LEASH ON THEM!

  4. Of course the training is responsible for the pigs shooting our dogs. When ever you get a police state trained by ZOG, the Israeli crap that is responsible for 99 percent of this worlds woes, your days are numbered. Get every dual passported jew deported now!

  5. Cops shoot dogs because dogs aren’t intimidated by a badge and sunglasses, which is like, 99% of being a cop. A creature that shows no fear and calls bull**** like it is by charging an intruder that shouldn’t be on their property must be made an example of by these clowns in costume.

    It is stupid behavior on the part of police since anyone who knows domesticated animals knows their number one priority is to seek out strangers and be the center of attention. “Disarming” a curious dog is as simple as offering your hand.

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