Police officer in California raises his gun and aims it at a cameraman who shouts ‘What’s your name and your number, tyrant!’

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This is the shocking moment a police officer unholstered his gun and pointed it at a man filming him in the street.

In tense footage the man, who appears knowledgeable of federal law, repeatedly asks for the officer’s name and badge number while shouting ‘tyrant’.  

The video was uploaded to the YouTube account The California Citizens Watch, which attempts to uncover legal breaches by the police force, on May 16.

Its channel says it exists to provide ‘public Servant accountability and reality exposé bits’,

The man, who live streamed the hair-raising encounter from a roadside in California, appears disturbed by the officer’s suddenly aggressive actions.

Throughout the video it remains unclear why he was pulled over.

However, once he pulls out a GoPro and starts filming, the officer becomes aggressive. He reaches for his gun.

What is your name and what is your ID?’ shouts the cameraman.

The sunglasses-wearing officer says little before unholstering his weapon and holding it by his side.

After the officer asks what the camera man is holding, he replies: ‘You know what it is – it’s a GoPro’.

Then the officer raises his weapon and aims it at the camera man.

With a mixture of anger and terror in his voice the cameraman carefully places the camera on the floor while reprimanding the officer for his seemingly unprovoked aggression.

‘What’s your name, whats your number, Tyrant,’ he again the shouts at the officer as another arrives for backup.

At last a supervising officer arrives, who deescalates situation before it reaches breaking point.

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5 thoughts on “Police officer in California raises his gun and aims it at a cameraman who shouts ‘What’s your name and your number, tyrant!’

  1. Reminds me of that rat fink pig that pulled his gun on a motorcyclist dude who was sporting a GoPro helmet cam. Just minding his own business, up from behind comes stormin some roid raged “off duty” pig with his gun pointed menacingly while yelling incoherently at m/c dude. I’da just zoomed away, had dude been me. Shoot me in the back, if you must shoot me.

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