9 thoughts on “Police Officers Caught On Video With Truck Full Of Bricks In Ally Way

  1. I’m so shocked. Jk
    People are appalled by my disdain for law enforcement. But it’s not because I’ve been arrested.
    It’s because I’ve seen just how scumbag -ish every God damned one of them are. They are a click of scumbags. And don’t get me started on the corrections officers. That is a scumbag level to be astonished by.

    1. That job attracts the scumbags
      I know , because I have been arrested
      And falsely
      But until they knew they had nothing
      I was treated like the scum of satan

      And than when they let me go they acted like THEY did nothing wrong

      It’s just a matter of time before most of us get our chance to be up close and personal with these cretins

      If you live long enough and don’t take shit , you’ll find yourself cuffed and stuffed , if for nothing other than finding out who you are and who you know

      1. I didn’t watch this video and I am not going to watch every f-king video because of short little statements like this.
        As for the bricks, I sure as hell seen wire cages full of them, lined up at the intersections on the mainstream propaganda. So yeah, they are putting the f-king bricks out there, and yeah, this f-king shit is orchestrated, and yeah, now it is coming to a halt because the people who are neither corporate communists nor black lives matter and antifa Marxists have refused to pick a side and shoot each other.

      2. You guys blind??? You can’t make out the stash in the back and what they are pulling out? This news is getting around all over plus many more video footages. The truth is getting out!

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