21 thoughts on “Police Officers Kicks Down Door of Private Home without Warrant and Taze Occupant Filming

  1. That was nothing short of a criminal home invasion for the purpose of torturing the residents. Every one of those stinking pigs should have had their heads blown clear off their shoulders as soon as they forced their way through that door.

    They had no warrant, no probable cause, and both parties explained to them that there was no domestic violence occurring. These useless thugs just feel they have a right to break into anyone’s home and cattle-prod people, and they won’t stop until they’re afraid to do it.

    1. Criminal home invasion is absolutely right. Criminal home invasions are usually met with a shotgun.

      . . .

      1. Our forefathers that founded this country would not have put up with this crap. Neither should we!


  2. I hope they realize that WTSHTF that We The People have trillions of rounds of ammo, and they have shortages already and the American Restoration hasn’t even begun yet. They aren’t very smart are they? They are going to want our help… Buahahaha!!!!

  3. This is what happens in a society where stupid “laws” replace common sense and liberty. Many states now have laws that state that police must respond to all reports of possible domestic violence. Some states even have in the law that an arrest must be made regardless of what the couple may say when they arrive. These gestapos think they are enforcing the law, so they believe that their actions are justified. This will continue until several law enforcement officers oppress American Nationals to the point where they start standing their ground and defending their God given rights……..to the death.

    1. I was raised to never call the cops for any reason, even for a dead body. They will find the body eventually! Anytime you involve the cops you are just asking for trouble. Most of the time people regret that they ever called the cops. When will they ever learn?

      1. That is correct. Many have learned the hard way that calling the police is something no one should ever do. If you are holding the person who was breaking into your home, the cops don’t care, they taze you or shoot you on the spot. There have been plenty of documented cases posted here on From The Trenches that show that the police are not anyone’s friend. The days of Mayberry are long, long gone.

  4. I believe it was our “illustrious” VP Biden that said you should get a shotgun, and if someone is breaking in, blast them thru the door. Guess that would be my defense-good old Joe told me to. We have a strong “castle” law here in Missouri, and I’d use it on one of these thugs the same way I would on a common burglar-except I think I’d have more respect for the burglar. These Bolshevik morons don’t seem to have any concept of the law they are supposed to be upholding.

  5. Take note: This is what a police state hell looks like! This takes place hundreds of times each day in cities and towns across Amerika, the land of crap and you people put up with this?.

    These are not police;these are paid thugs who have no regard for LIFE, LIBERTY AND PROPERTY! Remember this before calling 911.

  6. Cotati, CA is north of San Francisco and about 6 miles south of Santa Rosa.

    A couple was probably having a heated discussion in earshot of a neighbor which may have triggered a DV call is my guess.

    Remember … now we are being instructed to spy on one another by our own government.

    It’s a sad day when people can’t, or won’t, mind their own business.

    . . .

  7. Police brutality does happen but be careful of dramatized entertainment. Boston was the perfect example. Law enforcement and media exist at all levels for the same reasons.

    1. Heroes lose their jobs?
      They massacre innocent people left and right and nothing happens to them….

    2. If I broke down someone’s door ‘cuz I heard yelling, I’d be arrested for
      B & E!! Why weren’t these good ol’ boys arrested as soon as this video hit the net???

  8. Some men will watch this video and know it’s time to leave California. Other men, like the one in the video will have to pee on the electric fence before they reach an understanding.

  9. Regardless of Constitutional Law, had the owners of this home defended their rights, with an armed confrontation i.e. killed any one of the life threatening intruders, (according to Fascist procedures which are now in place) they would either all die in the house or during interrogation or eventually in prison.

  10. Something similar to this happened to me almost 15 years ago.
    I walked in and the then alcoholic girlfriend was “off the wagon” again…
    An loud argument ensued and the gruesome, disgusting, insane female neighbor downstairs called “the authorities”…
    When they showed up unexpectedly the then girlfriend was outside smoking a cigarette and I was washing dishes….I ran out drying my hands with a white paper towel and the heroes pulled out their guns screaming “DROP IT”…(the lethal wet paper towel…).
    Now I’m single and don’t expect to interact with the “heroes” anytime soon. Just keep in mind they (most of them….) are looking to kill…WHY? Because they could get away with it….

  11. Unfortunately, these incidents aren’t limited to Crazifornia, they are a nationwide phenomenon.

    This will continue unabated until people begin blasting these stormtroopers in self-defense the minute they come through the door. There are WAY more of us with guns than there are of them.

    They need to be shown that in other than just abstract terms.

  12. Welcome to my world, people. It’s called the Round Rock, TX police department. I know this video was taken in California but Round Rock, TX police are EXACTLY the same.

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