Police shut down protests in Ferguson

Published on Oct 14, 2014 – by RT America

Marches continued in Ferguson, MO on Monday, with protesters descending on several Walmarts to demonstrate against police violence and what they call racial discrimination by law enforcement. Part of “Moral Monday,” the activists demanded justice for the killings of Ferguson resident Michael Brown and John Crawford III, who was gunned down inside an Ohio Walmart in August. RT’s Lindsay France followed the protests and has more details

2 thoughts on “Police shut down protests in Ferguson

  1. What a crock. RT telling us “no one cares about the surveillance, no one cares about the armored vehicles, they’re concerned with the relationship between police and the community”, in another attempt to shape public opinion by appealing to their need to conform. Many people who believe this will alter their opinions accordingly.

    All I hear in the real world is people complaining about the surveillance and armor, and wanting nothing to do with the police at all.

    1. I think it is more people are complaining about Internal afairs never finding officer guilty of any thing and letting them back on the street with a gun. If they would get rid of the 99% of bad cops and start over they would not need the armored retreat vehicles at all. Or the cams. As all all police in America need a cam on 24/7. As they have ruined there reputation. And are not wanted in America at all any more by over 1/3 of the tax payers. The other 2/3 are not happy with them as well.

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