Police visit father after he ‘joked’ on Facebook about feeding five-day-old baby hot sauce

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Police paid a father a visit after he posted a joke on Facebook about accidentally giving his tiny son a taste of hot chilli sauce.

Barber Paul Dawson, 39, was stunned when two officers came to his home in Stockton, Teesside, to ask about giving five-day-old Ben the spicy sauce.

The incident was sparked by someone reporting him to Cleveland Police after they saw a post he had written about a trip to a TGI Fridays restaurant. 

Mr Dawson explained he was out with his partner and their baby, who was born on New Year’s Day, and the infant was being breastfed.

After wiping his hands on a napkin, the businessman took hold of the baby to allow his partner to eat her food.

Mr Dawson told the Teesside-based Gazette newspaper he put a knuckle in Ben’s mouth to pacify him – forgetting he had been eating chilli.

The baby made a “funny face” and nothing else happened.

Mr Dawson later wrote on Facebook: “Apparently five-day-old babies don’t like it when their dads put their fingers in their mouths after eating hot wings.

“Unintentionally by the way. Lol.”

A few days later Mr Dawson was shocked when police knocked on his door to ask if he had been feeding the baby hot sauce.

The new dad said he felt tearful someone had called the police about him, and the officers left after agreeing they had not read the original Facebook post which sparked their inquiries.

Mr Dawson told the Gazette: “I can’t believe with our stretched police force they were sent out without looking into it properly.”

A Cleveland Police spokesperson said: “Police received a call from a member of the public regarding concern for the welfare of a baby on Tuesday January 8.

“As a result, two officers were deployed to an address in Stockton to speak with the parents of the baby to understand the circumstances of the report.

“Officers were satisfied that the baby was safe and well and there were no further inquiries carried out.”


11 thoughts on “Police visit father after he ‘joked’ on Facebook about feeding five-day-old baby hot sauce

  1. If you see something, say something. Everybody is a terrorist. They just need to be thought up, and we have a bingo!
    Every time I’d open the fridge door, my 2 year old would point to the Tabasco. After several assertions that she really did not want hot sauce, we eventually caved into her relentlessness. I put a drop on my finger and let her taste it. Her eyes got big and she wanted no more of the Tabasco after that! She doesn’t remember that from 28 years ago, but Dad does 😉

  2. The snitch society grows more repulsive every day. We need a “SNITCHES HALL OF FAME,” where they are publicly shamed as traitors. Me hates snitches.


  3. What a free country. Have anyone seen the video of the secret services shows up at this lady house in san antonio tx because she made a post about trump on face book.

    1. Stockton is in Teesside, and Teesside is in England. But I get your point.

      My advice? Either stop using Facebook, or, if you have to use it to promote whatever, just promote whatever. Why folks use Facebook concerning their private lives is beyond me!

  4. Why does anyone use face crap why. When people have nothing to do this is what happens ….never ever leave home without your bb gun

  5. when are the fck heads of the world going to infiltrate FTTWWR and have at us for what we say here?

    ( Im pretty sure the gate keeper here would lop their heads off if they tried…right?)

    i hope it never comes to that , this could be the last bastion of free speech as we know it
    as for FB .. i hope it burns to the ground before i take my next shit

    and the fact that the Pigs are reactive to FB is very very scary in whats supposed to be a REPUBLIC with a 1st amendment right
    and the fact those kids are yours not theirs ..im really getting sick of it all

    its even getting hard for me to comment anymore , because all i can do is shake my dam head in disgust

    its all been said before , but nothings really getting DONE about it .. when does the talking end , and the fighting start ..because Im growing tired

    1. Once tired enough, the fighting will begin. It never starts on OUR schedule unless WE start it!
      And yea, this is the ONLY place I’ve not been censored, been yelled at, but never censored. ‘Tis also why this is the only site to which I donate.
      Thanks again Henry!

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