One thought on “Polish Pastor Now Facing Arrest Warrant, The Covid-19(84) Gestapo Is Killing The Church

  1. Sounds like a great opportunity for any real men with arms left in Canada to go make a stand against the tyranny…!

    All he really has to do is get a whole bunch of black folk to come to his church on the day and time they come to go in and wear BLM shirts and signs

    And Whala, they’ll all turn tail and run and be ordered to stand down for the viable protesters.

    See how easy it is..

    Fk um all it’s coming here to all of our doors soon…

    This pastor is perfectly correct in his labeling of these Stasi…

    Maybe one or two of these mercenary enforcers will go home and pick up a book or look up some history online..!

    I mean duh huh why is he calling us all these names? Stasi, Gestapo, Nazis geez whizzz

    We are da good guys righhhht?

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