Political Rhetoric While the US Burns

Finally, MSNBC is launching the Democratic attack on their right wing nemesis, the Republican Party.  You see there has been very little discussion of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars in Tampa, and god damn it, the Israeli people have a right to know that the issue of their Middle East conquest is being addressed by those who would propose to rule over their commonwealth.  Likewise the industrial war complex has a right to be secure in knowing that the wealth of the United States will continue to be funneled to them and the international contractors will continue to grow fat on the blood of the American people and our resources.

We are paying $1 million per soldier per year in Iraq and Afghanistan as our middle class continues to shrink and our streets are filled with homeless and hungry people.  We must be on the right track as we are being told that we want to keep the status quo, whether it be through Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat the south side of Chicago back alley pimp or Mitt the “I sold America out and have the money stashed in bank accounts around the world that I don’t want to talk about” Romney.

The elitist insurgents that have taken over and the elitist traitors within that have supported them every inch of the way are quite happy with the status quo as in this system they are the rulers and the rest of us the ruled, their slaves.  If our people cannot muster the guts for a Revolution for freedom and liberty, maybe they will settle for a slave rebellion for food.

The bottom line is the elite intend to push us down as far as they can and hold us there for as long as they can while continuing the rape of our resources.  And if we will allow this to happen, so long as they leave our guns alone, why should they even institute gun confiscation?

What has happened to our once proud people?  We accept every outrage.  Some calling themselves our patriot brothers and sisters seem all too quick to jump up in defense of our oppressors when they themselves are able to reach a comfort zone.

This system is 110% corrupt from the bottom to the top and anyone who thinks we can bring ourselves back up through talk or even work is delusional.  We have to beat the shit out of the bully before he is going to stop taking our lunch money.  And that is the bottom line.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

One thought on “Political Rhetoric While the US Burns

  1. I read the final four paragraphs, but through the eyes of a tribal American Indian, circa 19th century.

    The formula truly hasn’t changed since then, just the parameters. The idea is to continually prey on ignorance, and once discovery is made, to create new ignorance. When you are a band of dishonorable thieves, you will tell any tale necessary to bilk your mark(s), and once the tale runs dry and discovery is imminent, you murder and then start a new tale for the ignorant that remain.

    As with the Indians, the goal is to gain ownership over everything. They already claim the land, and no one objects so I guess they get it all. They already claim the air, and no one objects. They already claim the water, still no one objects. They have sold all of these defacto possessions to foreigners in exchange for more loans on their theft from the people. Now, all they have left is their fictional claim of ownership of the people. And since we are at a crossroads of people totally oblivious to their inherent natural rights, inalienable constitutional rights, and equal dominion to all of the earth, versus a government that simply writes slave laws onto paper and signs it like they are the authority, the whole mess is going to get ugly.

    They take the possessions under increasingly coercive tactics. Why shouldn’t they? A vast majority of the populace willingly agrees and hands it over. You don’t need to pickpocket a man when you simply say ‘give me your wallet’ and he does, without question or rebuttal. In fact, the average American smiles and pledges as he does it. At least the Indians had the bells to fight for it.

    I’m not speaking to the type of the people that visit here, but outside of that it’s fattened cows, pigs and sheep for the slaughter.

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