Population Reduction

Stop what you are doing and listen folks!

Deagel.com is an insider US military website, you would never know about this site unless this info is shared because this site does not come up in searches. so this is for you now.  

  1.  go to http://www.deagel.com/
  2.  Scroll to bottom, right hand corner, under OTHER INFO, click ‘Countries’.
  3.  Choose ‘United States’ (the first one)
  4.  The population is listed as 327 million
  5.  Look at the section below ‘Forecast 2025’, look at the population forecast for US!!!!!


11 thoughts on “Population Reduction

  1. 326,620,000 NOW

    99,553,100 (2025) FORECAST

    227,066,900 DIFFERENCE

    That’s a lot of people gone in less than 7 years.

      1. All of the above. Anyone who finds this interesting should get screen grabs before it goes down the memory hole.

        1. Don’t worry, the deagel page isn’t going anywhere… Stories about these US population reduction numbers have been out for several years now (actually 2025 pop numbers have changed several times already)… If they were worried about it “getting out”, they would have taken it down a long time ago… just google: deagel us population 2025 – goes back as far as Oct 2014

  2. My guess, based on the list of all countries is disease. Most all major countries are getting thinned. Israel is about half. Yet russia is steady. So is china but japan is cut by a third. The Philippines grow as.do many other shit holes. Belize and costa rica double mexico gains yet canada looses 20%. France and uk get smacked good.
    Just a soft ball.

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