Portfolio of a petty crime operation that has gone unchecked for far too long and harmed a lot of good people

Thanks to the research of fellow Trenchers.

Beware of Photog Christopher Sadowski, Notorious Copyright Troll

I want to bring attention to this guy.  He’s a photographer from New Jersey.  He licenses photos to the New York Post and news organizations in Northern New Jersey.  He’s also a notorious copyright troll that has filed multiple lawsuits using different lawyers including Mathew Higbee.  Don’t use this guy’s stuff no matter what kind of photo it is.  Even if it’s a picture of a car that is double parked, Sadowski will come after you for it with an outrageous amount.   

Read the rest: https://www.extortionletterinfo.com/forum/higbee-letter-lawsuits-forum/beware-of-photog-christopher-sadowski-notorious-copyright-troll/

Higbee and Associates & Mathew K. Higbee – Scammers

Watch out for Mathew Higbee and his scam companies. Higbee & Associates operates under numerous alias’s including Recordgone.com, and Mathew K Higbee.

These theives run around on the internet posting fake positive reviews about their company. The truth is they need to post all these fake reviews because they are scamming inoccent people out of their hard earned money. Using Recordgone.com or one of his other shell companies Mathew Higbee and his “team” are charging thousands of dollars for work they never complete. They offer all kinds of fancy promises through their websies, but at the end of the day their service is complete junk and they will give you the run around over and over until they stick you with a multi thousand dollar bill. When you question the bill and services not delivered they will then threaten to sue you.

Read the rest: https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/higbee-and-associates-mathew-k-higbee-scammers-recordgonecom-total-scam-c832547.html

Higbee & Associates / sued for copyright case when I was willing to settle… mean & wasteful!

Higbee & Associates sent me a letter demanding $950 because I used a photo of one of there clients and I did not know I had to pay for the photo. I thought the demand was unreasonable because I found the photo online and it did not have the copyright symbol on it.

Rather than deal with this distraction, I accepted Higbee & Associates offer to settle the matter without a lawsuit for $950. But then Higbee still sued me just because I was a little late in sending payment and did not return their emails when I was on vacation for 2 weeks. Despite their talk about not wanting to sue me, they did it very fast and now are not honoring the agreement to settle for $950. They now want $5, 500 to cover the cost of filing the copyright law suit. This is outrageous and should be illegal. You should not get sued after you agree to settle, even if the payments are a little late. I have the letter that I wrote showing that I intended to settle and pay.

Mathew K. Higbee lives at 3409 Calle Del Torre iin Las Vegas, NV and is registered to vote as a Republican in the State of Nevada. His main office is located in a small strip mall office suite located at 1504 Brookhollow Drive in Santa Ana, California. He has setup virtual office addresses in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah and Washington State. When you look at these “office locations” on Google maps you can see that they are also just tiny office buildings–one is shared with a barber shop. If you Google the addresses you’ll see dozens, if not hundreds, of other business using the same addresses as virtual offices to make themselves look legitimate or large.

Read the rest: https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/higbee-associates-sued-for-copyright-case-when-i-was-willing-to-settle-mean-wasteful-c797630.html

Lawsuits Higbee Has Actually Filed

In order to figure out just how big a threat Higbee is I decided to search on Law360.  It appears to me that they rarely file.  That could be because most people settle OR because Higbee gives up if people don’t cave.  And he files most often in California, where his office is.  Thoughts?

Read the rest: https://www.extortionletterinfo.com/forum/higbee-letter-lawsuits-forum/lawsuits-higbee-has-actually-filed/msg23155/#msg23155

6 thoughts on “Portfolio of a petty crime operation that has gone unchecked for far too long and harmed a lot of good people

  1. You just may end up with the 150,000 they hoped to extort from you. I’d love to see it!!!!!

    This scam is quite well know as to all the info. on the net, and gone on too long as you stated.

    Time to shut it down, and just the guy and site to do it!

    1. Tell you what, if they don’t kill me over this next move, well I’ll put it like this. Back in my early days of learning the law, I found myself constructing a complaint to have a lawyer disbarred. It was the only time I ever made such an attempt…..he was disbarred.

  2. This is in the same vein as a lawyer and a handicapped guy who ‘worked’ San Diego & LA businesses, together.

    They’d cruise all over, and spot small businesses without Handicapped Parking or access, then the so-called attorney would send the property owner a ‘notice of the ADA discrimination suit’ has been filed….

    For $25K-to $50K

    but they would ‘settle’ for $4 or $10K

    They did this week after week, month after month, year after year. Made a LOT of money ‘settling’. Even became an article in the ‘San Diego Reader’ free tabloid.

    I think they finally got challenged so much rather than people handing them wads of cash that they stopped. They were spending all their time in court – not hunting ‘violators’….



  3. Thanks for the time and hard work you put into the research.
    I think Henry can beat this low level scam in his sleep.
    But Henry is very much awake and these hucksters are about to get shanghai’d.
    With their own dagger.

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