4 thoughts on “POS Cops Fire Over 100 Bullets At Immobilized Driver Wounding FOUR INNOCENT BYSTANDERS

  1. It should be obvious by now to anyone with a brain in their head that this nation’s police forces are nothing more than state-sanctioned killers and thugs.
    One incident after another, occurring with such frequency that they’re difficult to keep track of, combined with a complete lack of official sanction, is proof that brutality and murder is encouraged by their superiors.
    TV news reports (like the one shown here) promise that these incidents are “under investigation”, but years of hearing and seeing this has taught us that these investigations never result in any form of justice, but instead only serve to sweep these incidents under the rug, so they can be carried out again and again by cops who brag and laugh about their ability to get away with murder, whenever they choose to commit one.

  2. For every bullet they fired they should each have to buy 10 to replace them. Or 1000 rounds each from there pay checks. And this would end. Or they would forget how to count.

  3. It has been two years investigating, so where have these cops been for these last two years – are they on paid vacation, are they still eating their donuts driving around in their squad cars, or are they where they should be in jail. If this was any one esle commiting murder like cops do they would have had this case wrapped up with in six months or so. Every cop that was involved is responsible for what happened and should be in prison for the rest of their lives…….If you are a damned cop then you are a part of this criminal organization every cop is a willing part of this.

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