Pot Smell Leads To Paramilitary Raid In Hartford, Connecticut

Before it’s News – by Live Free or Die

‘Police State’ America continues to unfold as the pictures below of a Hartford, Connecticut drug bust show. A full blown paramilitary team showed up after someone called the police about the smell of someone smoking marijuana. Isn’t this just a bit of overkill, responding en masse like this to someone smoking a plant? It looks to me like how they’d be responding to the Boston Marathon bomber. Is this the ‘new America’ Barack Obama promised? A brand new video report about the unfolding police state in America is also below that asks the question we all want to know, “Is America becoming a ‘Police State’?   


6 thoughts on “Pot Smell Leads To Paramilitary Raid In Hartford, Connecticut

  1. Now that Joe Lieberman (I) Conn has forced Homeland Security down our throats, costing US taxpayers 50 billion per year, they are frustrated because there is no boogeyman terrorist under every rock, so they have to make shit up, like busting down doors in full combat gear because someone smells some grass. The traitor jew Joe Lieberman and his cronies are also “testing the water” to see what they can get away with, how far can they go before the general public demands we DEFUND HLS.

  2. I wonder sometimes how many of the corporate heads and workers, cops and government officials do pot and cocaine socially. There is so much of it sold here it has to be consumed by more than blacks and criminals eh?

  3. Gee, aren’t we lucky to have a ‘government’ (so-called) that is so concerned with our continued welfare that they’re doing everything they possibly can to save us from ourselves?

  4. These tactics of intimidation and subjugation are chilling similar to the tactics used by muslims against non-muslims. It would appear that this is part of the psyops to condition us for sharia law which is being subtly implemented here in the USA. Having a muslim in the WHouse is no accident.

    For a scholarly, compelling description of what islam truly believes, go to raymondibrahim.com and to Pamela Geller’s website.

    The destruction of the Christian middle class is taking place on many fronts. This one is particularly egregious since the US Administration supports everything muslim and nothing American, even going so far as to offer the blatant lie that islam is a religion of peace. Nothing could be further from the truth! Is it an unspeakably barbaric satanic cult.

    Right now, they are using hired guns to implement sharia. Next it will be trained jihadists, government regulation and robo-mobs of imam-brainwashed males on the ultimate power trip, the global caliphate.

    I’ll let you know if they attack me for criticizing their psychopathic belief system. This will certainly put me on their to-do list.

    1. “Right now, they are using hired guns to implement sharia.”

      Unfortunately bleh, they’ve already implemented the Noahide Laws, which leaves absolutely NO room for any sharia laws.

      Smoke & mirrors. Israhell rules the roost in the so-called ‘government’ here.

      Not Mecca.

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