Power Players in Jeopardy!

The propaganda machine, in a desperate attempt to regain some small measure of credibility, employed an interesting technique this week, Jeopardy! Power Players.  All this week the number one game show in the United States featured contestants drawn from the ranks of the mainstream propagandists.  This little blitz was carefully orchestrated with clips of the Jeopardy! contest appearing on CNN, MSNBC, and FOX.

These propagandists are being billed by Jeopardy! literally as those who shape the thinking of the American public and every effort was made to portray them as intellectuals.  However the questions for the contest were at a high school level and even at that, many of the contestants, like Chris Matthews, embarrassed themselves as their lack of any real intelligence became undeniable.

Those who were able to excel at a high school level were portrayed as geniuses and the next day were put front and center to push every propaganda issue in the mainstream.  I would have to think that Jeopardy! has compromised its own dignity in agreeing to whore itself for the propaganda machine.

This little episode should do a lot to help the public realize just how pathetic these talking heads are.  The fact is they are nothing more than teleprompter readers and wouldn’t know a critical thought if it bit them on the arse.

Jeopardy! has hosted events wherein celebrities are featured.  The questions are dumbed down and the contest is not taken seriously as any kind of intellectual event.  In comparing the celebrities with these so called Power Players, there is no discernible difference, which just serves as further proof as to what we have been asserting all along.  These individuals, that too many are taking seriously as news reporters, are nothing more than another bunch of actors playing other roles in another theater.

If this is the best that the elitists’ think tanks can come up with, I would have to say that we in the alternate media have our enemies on the ropes.

I wonder how the actors in the mainstream are going to handle the upcoming GOP crisis when they are forced to admit that their “Romney is the winner” program is proven to be complete fiction.  Maybe they will just treat it like another easy question they missed on Jeopardy!

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

6 thoughts on “Power Players in Jeopardy!

  1. Glad you mentioned this! (I would have on my blog if no one else did, but I might do it anyway)

    Last night (Friday, May 18) had Anderson Cooper, who is supposedly a cut above the likes of Kelly O’Donnell and some of the other schleps they’ve had on there…and yet Cooper (who won the 50,000 for his charity) DID NOT KNOW WHO INVENTED THE COTTON GIN! My home schooled daughter did, though, it’s Eli Whitney in case you forgot. And Kelly? She, the politically correct ho’, said “Carver” I suppose because she’s an idiot trying to placate black folks…and then there was Thomas Friedman of the “great and noble” New York Times, who said no answer at all–is this what the once fine NYT has to offer, a complete dolt?

    You got it, Mr. Shivley–all these folks are nothing more than pretty little teleprompter readers who say what they are told to say!

    1. What’s even better is that Eli Whitney didn’t invent the cotton gin. Cotton gins have been around for thousands of years. Newer, mechanical cotton gins were being developed around Eli Whitney’s time and others were already using them. He was savvy enough to patent the invention, thus being credited with “inventing the cotton gin.” So, the misinformation goes even deeper!

  2. Reality is that throughout history the elitist ruling political class has always portrayed itself as intelligent, noble and helpful to the masses, in fact they are inbred, psychopathic, thieving murderers.
    Speaking about America, but really meant for the world, Jim Morrison stated that the only way to ‘make it’ in the world today is to be a politician or an assassin. The Mainstream Media would fit into the latter category.

  3. I watched Cheech Marin clean house on Jeopardy! some time ago. At the start, the two others actually smirked and sneered because a Cheech and Chong stoner was about to be a burned out fool and poster boy for the evils of MARIJUANA. Cheech ( the same guy who played three parts in From Dusk til’ Dawn) is very scholarly and sharp and proved it that day.

  4. Dumbo talking heads on REAL Jeopardy?
    No TV for me so I will consider going to Walmart to see this show.

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