Predator Hunting 101: The Brenton USA Ranger Carbon Hunter

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

The Brenton USA Ranger Carbon Hunter 22″ is a perfect rifle for hunting predators and taking down the feral hogs that ravage farmland across the South.

The Ranger Carbon Hunter 22″ has a MAGPUL MOE fixed stock, a Brenton USA trigger that breaks crisp and clean, and a carbon fiber reinforced handguard.

The reinforced handguard provides strength and integrity that allows for flawless use with bipods and tripods. We put an Accu-Tac bipod on our Ranger Carbon Hunter and also used a tripod in the field.

The Ranger Carbon Hunter has a NiB coated bolt carrier assembly, which Brenton USA suggests is an integral aspect of the rifle’s performance in harsh or unwelcoming conditions. This rifle was not made to be babied, but to be used. It was designed to be the rifle you carry out into the field, whether it is a sunny autumn day or a rainy, cold and windy night.

The bolt assembly also contributes to an action that is among the smoothest we have felt.

The Ranger Carbon Hunter also ships with a threaded barrel, so it is suppressor ready. We put a Phoenix Weaponry .30 caliber suppressor on the Ranger Carbon Hunter and it was quiet; real quiet.

The Carbon Hunter we shot was chambered in 6.8 SPC (Special Purpose Cartridge), giving the rifle accurate, knockdown power up of 300 yards. We put this distance to the test on a coyote hunt in which the predators were roughly 225 yards out and the Carbon Hunter delivered.

The combination of the indefatigable action, the Brenton USA trigger, the 22″ free-floating barrel, the ergonomics, and overall design of the rifle, made for hunting and targeting shooting experiences that were rewarding. Brenton USA talks a lot of talk about the Ranger Carbon Hunter, and the rifle backs up that talk with performance.

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