Prepare for Voter Fraud in the 2012 Presidential Election

As we close in on the 2012 election there is a mad scramble to put the mechanisms for mass voter fraud into place.  The left wing commies are up in arms in opposition to voter identification laws which are being enacted in many of the individual states, saying that the requirement will exclude minorities and the poor from participating in the polls.

I believe if you cannot show proof that you are a lawful citizen of the United States and the state you live in you not only should not vote, but should be arrested and detained until your citizenship can be ascertained.  After which, if you are a citizen you could use the decree from the court that released you from custody to obtain legal ID.  Then you could vote.

The Clintonistas are calling the mandates for ID Jim Crow laws, in an effort to make the issue black and white.  But I have a sneaking suspicion that the people of color in this country are as sick of the voter fraud as the rest of us.

Anyone who does not know that the communist insurgents within our country have every intention of seeing as many illegal votes cast for Barack Obama by foreign nationals as possible is a disillusioned fool.  This, coupled with the fact that the neo-cons intend to manipulate the election by manipulating the Electoral College through bribe and coercion, should assure that this upcoming election will go down in the annuls of history as one of the most corrupt ever.

Dr. Ron Paul must be stopped no matter how blatant the fraud becomes in the process.  This is the contention of the international elitists and I believe this is why the insurgents in our government are pushing to be allowed to put our military on our streets.

When the people rise up in righteous indignation at having their will dismissed through fraud, they will be labeled as “enemies of the state”, which in the reality of the insurgency, all those adhering to our Constitution will be enemies of the insurgent state.

Do you think it can’t happen?  I think there is no way it cannot happen.  43% of the electorate are Independents that are going to vote for Ron Paul and the defectors from the Democratic and Republican Parties will pretty much assure a victory for Dr. Paul.

I believe if Ron Paul is elected he will enforce the Constitution and if the international elitists try to stop him, well he will be Commander in Chief of the military, hence he, as commander, can order our military to arrest the insurgents.  This being said, the insurgents must either break off their attack and flee the country or stop Dr. Paul.  And Dr. Paul cannot be stopped through any honest means.

In short, I believe it is going to come to violence.  And when the insurgent Obama tries to order our military to crush we the people, the whole thing is going to blow up in his face because the military is made up of our family members, the majority of which staunchly support Dr. Paul.  The enemies of our Republic and Constitution may very well try to start a world war to stop the revolution, but then again our military will have to cooperate.

If you are military personnel reading this article I tell you, you cannot cooperate because if you do so, you will be in violation of your oath to protect and defend our Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Any perpetuated war at this point in the ballgame cannot be construed as anything less than a mechanism to insure a socialist coup and an end to our Constitutional Republic.  United we stand, divided we fall.

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  1. The military is the key here. And we both know damn well who they support. Dr. Paul has commanded the most donations ever from the military and by far is their favorite candidate. If the elitists think they have complete control of the military, they are in for a very big surprise. By the way, we can all thank our friends Carl Levin, Lindsey Graham and John McCain for the treason forced upon us by ordering the US military against it’s own people. This damn thing was passed in a closed door committee meeting with no hearing whatsoever. Lindsey Graham is a staunch supporter of this garbage, and in my opinion, is extremely dangerous. Read below why:

    Here are the two who led this treason. People need to understand this. Carl Levin (D-Mich) and John McCain (R-Ariz) were the two who actually drafted the bill in complete secret. Lindsey Graham is their water boy.,-Lindsey-Graham-fight-to-keep-defense-spending-out-ofcontrol

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