Preppers will die in WROL

Published on Jul 3, 2012 by MAINEPREPPER

Preppers are going to die… unless they wake up.

In this video, I pull no punches because I care enough about you to tell you just how it is. I realize I may lose some subscribers but that’s not what it’s about to me, it’s about doing the right thing, about living my values and about trying to help. I can’t help unless I speak up about something that is really out of line here in the community.

If I’m wrong, tell me where. If I’m right, you have a choice to make. I hope this 4th of July is a turning point for so many of you.

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14 thoughts on “Preppers will die in WROL

  1. I don’t know who I am more afraid of, the government or the Red-necked flag-waving morons who love a country that uses them as gun toting lackies. It’s not just the country, it’s every idiot that thinks that they are going to go back to the good old days, when Jesus was on everyones lips, everyone was wrapped in the flag, and country music was king. See Poncho Threetrees at for a true picture of your world.

    1. (Tactic No. 5) “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.” — Saul Alinsky, Jewish Communist Radical Agitator

      Learn more about this [K]osher ‘Bronze Age’ tactic…

      Attention ‘Dan’: Your check of 5,000 shekels for services rendered is awaiting you at the front desk.

    2. Dan, it sounds to me like your view of the world, and other people has been heavily influenced by the Zionist media’s stereotypes.

      No one thinks we’re “going to go back to the good old days, when Jesus was on everyones lips, everyone was wrapped in the flag, and country music was king.” The TV told you that’s what people are thinking, and you were gullible enough to believe them.

      People are trying to do what needs to be done to save their lives and their country. Join the fight, or go live somewhere else.

  2. My Fellow Americans:

    Although I am not crazy about the title of this video,… he is absolutely right about everything he has stated.

    Only a fool would ignore anything he has put forth,… only the foolish believe they have it all mastered.

    Its interesting he made this video on July 4th (thats what he stated in the video),.. and now some 7 months later,.. it has become all to obvious even to the hard of thinking that,…”it is coming”.

    Get in shape, sight your weapon in, and get as much practice as you can.

    Preps are easy compared to those, but are also important, so it is a full menu of items that have to undertaken simultaneously, so get busy,.. the party is about to start.

    Good luck my friends,.. JD – US Marines

  3. When ever was Country King??? haha
    Trailer for sailor rent, room for fifty-cents
    I’m a man of means by no means… I’m king of the road!!!

    Okay, maybe you are right. Then there was Johnny cash, and… yep, your right.

    Sorry, I lost myself for a minute there, but, I am back now! lol

    1. Show me the way, dude, as I’d love to know how. It would save me time and money instead of waiting for back orders to come in.

  4. reminds me of a story I read once…A young man, skrawny and no experience in battle…He was to fight the most mighty power the enemy had. His people dressed him in the finest armor. The armor was too heavy, he demanded it taken off..He then met the enemy. A mighty force, NOT to be reckoned with. This young man’s battle tools and physical structure were humble compared to the massive steel and size of his enemy. Then he pulled out his slingshot, a small leather design he built himself, placed a smooth stone in it, and with the spirit of goodness let that stone fly…It killed his enemy.
    Point: This young man practiced his slingshot every day. He guarded his sheep, and could hit a wolf at 50 yards…He was spiritually in tune. It is of my opinion he was also fighting a just cause.
    So, keep up the practice and stay spiritually in tune.
    With ALL due respect, but with honesty, it is also my opinion that the wars faught in this last century by the west, were immoral wars. Did we really win WW2? or was it a battle that ensured our future slavery?
    If what they call “civil war” (whatever that means), starts in this country, it will probably be the first true war against good and evil in the last 200 years
    Maybe people such as myself, the author of the video, JD and others will experience the true david an goliath scenario..

  5. .
    Too many people put all their resources in top of the line gear and caches of ammo to hide away…yet never train.
    I know a fellow in my area who just spent a cpl grand on a new M14 and 1000 rounds of .308, then he put a 800$ Leupold scope on it and put it in the gun safe. He has shot it maybe 3 times for a total of 50 rounds. Says he don’t want to mess it up or scratch the walnut.
    My friend doesn’t even understand the gas-system on the rifle and cant do a complete tear down or a field-strip, but somehow believes he’s gonna run go grab it and hold off the NWO. (BTW..sold his AK and two SKS’s…were not good enough)
    He had two good sidearms… .357 and a .44….wasn’t good enough…had to go buy 2 Glock 40’s…..a camelback, a chest rig and 5 sets of ACU’s….more money$$$ But no beans.
    Wont shoot the ammo…says it cost too much!!! savin it for the day..

    Since August he’s spent around 5-6K$ on “gear”…..but spent 0$ on preps….no hand tools…no seed…no toiletries…no extra underwear or socks..NO FOOD!

    Im amazed ……and this guy is former military.
    I get a blank stare when I ask him why no food….and what he will eat inbetween dying and killing. He dont seem to understand there will be no supply line

    Many gun owners believe this event will be over in 3 days to a week and all will return to normal…if it even happens… UN-FRIGGIN-BELIEVABLE !!

    This guys video is dead on…especially the part about over priced gear and training
    Think about your setup….does it fit your abilities…..your AO? Are they Closet Queens that are to valuable to scratch?

    My friend bought a thousand yard rifle to use in an area here where the Forrest is so dense that a 200 yard shot would be difficult. Spent more on a scope(doesn’t know how to dial it in) than most spend on a carbine….yet wont buy food,..or other needed items. Survival is more than just expensive weaponry and ammo store. Its also about what happens after the fight.

  6. I’m glad I’ve been doing what the experienced soldiers here recommend, or at least I’ve been trying to. I had to halt my range time because I can’t get anymore bulk .308, but I can still perfect my trigger pull with empty cartridges.
    I’ve learned a lot from books, but that’s all worthless without the physical practice.

    1. You can get an air soft rifle and put together your own little shooting range right in your house, then go buy a bag of army men and some model paint and aim for the UN blue helmet.
      These guns come in the actual weight of a real gun and are good for practice while preserving ammunition. Any shooting is better than no shooting. Aim small, miss small.

  7. While we still have our freedoms in this country we should all learn how to defend ourselves. Someone needs to be comfortable with defending themselves or when the actual time comes you won’t know how to respond.

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