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President Trump and P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu Make Remarks

Streamed live 4 hours ago

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15 Responses to President Trump and P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu Make Remarks

  1. Jamal says:

    I would like all those who have any doubt as to who is ruling this nation to watch, listen and understand what’s being said here. Let it show how “America has a problem, and it’s the muslims!” Its obvious that trump is devoted to the Muslim leader at his side who he fawns over, would kill for, die for and recognized stolen occupied land of the jews for. Its this islamo/Christian alliance that puts America in the situation we’re in. He can build the embassy in mecca but can’t build a wall on our own border. Yes, without a doubt, these muslims, the scourge of the earth who plunder, usurp, debase, corrupt, all the innocent nations without any criticism or penalty. Who recieve our tax dollars against our will and it was written into law to be so. Who you can not Express your right to free speech by boycotting and exposing their crimes, under penalty of law of course. Damn those muslims and their deceit of our beloved president and government. It’s even written on their ISIS flag, by way of deception, thou shalt make war. Look how they unleash and use thousands of African, Indian, middle eastern criminals into western nations while they keep their stolen lands secure with American tax dollars and weaponry. How they spy on us, infiltrate us, subvert and influence through blackmail and lobbying. How many more jewish children must die all across the middle east in wars for Islam? How much more must America give and go into debt? Those damn muslims! They’ve taken over America. And to top it off, every dollar our poor president and government is forced to borrow from the Islamic owned federal reserve puts us into even more debt and is why we are held to keep fighting their wars and doing their bidding. They own us and we owe them. Usury is the game and is a fundamental part of Islam. But not to practice against themselves. Those damn muslims. And right now as I speak, more Muslim carnage is being waged on the unarmed,isolated, impoverished and defenseless judeo Christian population of Gaza and even more will be murdered with the backing and blessing of trump and our money and weapons. All while the world watches, fakes concern and never holds them to account. Those damn muslims! When will we Americans finally say enough and stand up to them?

    • galen says:

      When satire is at its best, it cuts like a fine knife, sharpened by truth and wit, polished by pure insight. Thank you, Jamal.


      • Jamal says:

        No problem

        • DL. says:

          Your post was BRILLIANT, Jamal! BRILLIANT! And sooner or later satire like this will become common place. The communist-Stalinist-era Russian citizens who wanted to speak the truth used a similar method called “Samizdat” in a time when speaking the truth could get one imprisoned. And in what could be the coming days of the Sanhedrin ruling the NWO and the Noahide Laws, this method of truth telling might be the only way to not get beheaded!

          They can behead me anyway. I am NOT reneging on my faith in my Savior Jesus Christ!

    • Katie says:

      Nice one, Jamal. Yeah, those evil muslims are the problem as you say. If Bibi and Trump say it, well, it must be true.

    • Mark Schumacher says:

      Ever thought about running for president Jamal? You got my vote!

  2. DL. says:

    Keep on posting Know More News and TruNews videos, Trenchers…it is this site where I learned about Know More News and TruNews. Both are attending AIPAC. TruNews also exposed how Kushner–a Chabader–is trying to set up a plan that will allow Israel to blow up the Al-Aqsa Mosque to build their “third Temple.”

    • gwen says:

      DL,i listen to trunews all the time, i don’t remember hearing about a plan for israel to blow up the al-aqusa mosque to build their third temple, can you direct me to the one where they spoke of this? thank you.

  3. KOYOTE says:

    WOW JAMAL……..
    WELL DONE!!!

  4. H D says:

    And yet they keep saying there only 1 percent of the worlds people but they control the world that’s not a pretty picture . I hope trump asked if we could rebuild are roads and maybe get a wall done

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