President Trump delivers statement as protests continue across the U.S.

Jun 1, 2020
President Donald Trump on Monday derided many governors as “weak” and demanded tougher crackdowns on burning and stealing among some demonstrations in the aftermath of violent protests in dozens of American cities.

3 thoughts on “President Trump delivers statement as protests continue across the U.S.

    1. Now that you mention it mary, his hair color has changed. It looks gray rather than orange. Maybe he’s due for a dye? Wow! And your statement that Trump is definitely a Lincolnite. Very telling and a whole lot unnerving.

  1. The several thing that struck me about the speech was:
    I thought we were citizens, not residents. Residents would have no rights under the Constitution. Another was giving credit for the violence to antifa and others. Who are the others? Why would he say, he would defend our second amendment right? That contradict everything he has said in the past. It is hard to believe him with all the contradictions. The time of the speech was interesting, as well. close to the end of “The Intelligence Report” with Mark.

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