President Trump: “I want no violence.”

Jan 12, 2021

President Trump speaks to media at White House: “We want no violence…on the impeachment, it’s really a continuation of the greatest witch hunt in the history of politics…I think it’s causing tremendous danger in to our country…I want no violence.”

At Joint Base Andrews, he is asked, “What is your role in what happened at the Capitol? What is your personal responsibility?”
President Trump: “If you read my speech…people thought that what I said was totally appropriate.”

10 thoughts on “President Trump: “I want no violence.”

  1. My Fellow Americans,

    Trump is right, HE doesn’t want violence,…. but that is all the communist/bolsheviks understand.

    They have just completed a coup of this country,… now they want to consolidate that coup on 1/20.

    Trump wants no violence because he’s a traitor and a pussy,… but that doesn’t mean the rest of America is!

    JD – I’m sure Trump will be wearing his Pussy-Hat when he sleazes out the back door on the 20th.

    1. hey JD .. or at least he says he don’t want violence. But what did he think was going to happen after all of these weeks or months he has been broadcasting this convergence on the 6th would bring?
      Here are a link that will be useful for a conversation on Trump .. When we think about why it is that Trump always gives Jews and Israel everything they want .. here is why ..

      1. Hi Eddy,

        Yeah, we figured that out when he was campaigning and promising to be the “best friend israel ever had!”…. and by his sell-out to the slime zionists*, but it’s always good to have further conformation for the hard-of-thinking!

        *NOTE: It was easy to spot in the 90’s when he went bankrupt by the billions, but the jew bankers still “lent” him more money. They ONLY do that for their fellow jew operatives.

        The’re called crypto-jews or marranos,… jews who pretend their something else.

        Looks like Trump didn’t even really tried very hard to pretend he wasn’t a jew, does it…

        JD – All the Trumptards,… hoodwinked by a jew,…. AGAIN.

  2. “WE’RE going to be winning so much, YOU’RE going to be so sick and tired of ‘winning’.”

    He wasn’t lying for a change.

    What one says and what one MEANS are 2 totally different creatures.

    He said “we” and “you”.

    It’s a big f’g club and YOU ain’t in it.

    I AM sick and tired of this “winning”.

  3. I have visited this site numerous times over the past decade (a dear and very intelligent, talented friend told me about FTTWR a long time ago, And cautioned me about the red pill) , but I’ve def Visited much more in the past couple of years. I appreciate all of the info and insight, and the opportunity to hear facts and opinions from all facets. I appreciate the information and the opportunity to make my own conclusions based on it, but also the bread crumbs to go do my own research on what’s been put before me.
    Ok, sorry For the “intro”, 1st timer.
    So, if Trump is bad, what can one infer about the biden camp that’s supposed to be coming in?
    Personally, I’m disgusted with blm, Antifa, and now the big tech censorship. The censorship actions of the last week I is what’s scared me the most. The “oh my ever loving God“ fear, to point of tears and despair, I’m gonna buy some encyclopedias and dictionaries , literally.

    P.s. – intelligent, talented friend, if you see/read this, I’m thinking of you, and would love your thoughts right now; but know that I understand why you’ve been mia and Inthank you for inspiring me to look more closely, ask more questions, read more, and dig deeper!


      We’re here now because he helped pave the way for what concerns you most. Protecting the criminal cabal that is orchestrating the destruction. biden is merely the next face to build on what trump worked for. It’s kind of like leap frog and it always sets the tone for the next circle of hell they’ve got cooking. I’ll be in touch 😉

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