9 thoughts on “President Trump presents Prime Minister Netanyahu with the “Key to the White House”

  1. Not even hidin’ it. Carte Blanche to rule the nation. Good thing we got the memo. The opening act just started the show. Rehearsal over.


    1. ps: And it feels like they are rubbing our faces in it. Here, take that!! He has the fkn key!! Means he enters and does as he pleases.

      To all Trumpheads, THANKS A LOT!! Get a load at what you support and prepare to heel. In these times, to vote is to be be complicit, complicit with communistic totalitarianism ala Tel Aviv.


  2. Why not? The Zionists have already successfully infiltrated our highest offices and taken control. This was just a mere formality.

  3. chump grabs his ankles and says “it’s uuuge, it’s gonna be reaally uuuge”.

    But as always, he’s talking about what the American National is gonna get, not him. Just like “winning”.

    JOO-S-A! JOO-S-A!

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