President Trump tells NRA boss that universal background checks are dead

Fox News

Aug. 20, 2019 – 1:10 – The National Rifle Association says Trump told Wayne LaPierre that universal background checks for potential gun purchasers are off the table.

4 thoughts on “President Trump tells NRA boss that universal background checks are dead

  1. Do not believe this story.. This is designed to put people to sleep. Red Flag laws are still on the agenda and will be passed, unless we raise up a giant stink.

    Several states already have such BS laws so this will be away for the feds to push states into passing these types of laws.

    They want Red Flag Laws; Why because they are the color-able actions they need for CONFISCATION.

    They do not give a Rats Ass for background checks they want CONFISCATION !!!!!!

    In Illinois representatives for 2 gun groups helped write a red flag law that deemed to be the model for the country. Illinois carry was the lead group and a lobbyist for another group supported the effort.

    Very few people realized what had happened until the day of the signing. The traitors were at the signing of the Bill so they could get their picture taken as the governor signed the bill into law. .

  2. The purpose of this article is to give Trump a pro-second amendment appeal to voters, and make his future acquiescence to “red flag laws” seem like a compromise.

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