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  1. It’s all well and good that Trumpster is rocking the canoe on the globalist but I can’t get by the fact he said he and Amerika will be Isrehell’s best friend. Go figure ! any country that aligns there self with evil is destined to fall and fall hard.. those that forget history are destined to repeat it. Will our countries leaders ever figure it out ?

    1. Hi Kantucky,

      Don’t buy it for one second!!!!!!

      Trump didn’t scare, frighten, concern, worry or rock the “globalists” in any way whatsoever!!!

      Trump was their (forgive the pun,…) Trump-Card! (Ta-DAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!,… horns blaring, people cheering, balloons dropping from the ceiling, and an announcer in the background,.. “thank hewwww,… thank hewww all!,.. thank hew!,….)

      The only thing “independent” about Trump,.. is his own inflated opinion of himself.

      Trump is nothing more than the newest, latest, and greatest “safety valve” by these PIC’s (Pyschos-In-charge), and they have done a phenomenal job of conning the public into thinking they have NOT,….. just been conned (…..again! “GASP!!! goes the audenience!,… “Say it isn’t so JD!!!!,…. Yes Gertrude,… I’m afraid it is,… so.”)!!!

      This is the EXACT nature of “controlled opposition”,… and this latest theater may go down in the history books as one of their greatest (following,.. the need for the Federal Reserve, the need to go to war, your vote counts,…. etc)

      JD – US Marines – Trump is nothing more than the latest and greatest hand-tool of the International Zionist-Scumbag-Jew-Communists (aka: Globalists, NWO, Illuminati, etc). Don’t buy this theater for a single second!!!!


  2. Yea, I noticed that too. He also said he was praying for Trump. WTF? I’m confused.

    Doesn’t he know Trump is just controlled opposition and that he was for Israel? He says that Trump needs to get rid of the Jew organizations but didn’t he hear Trump say that he was for Israel? Is he that dumb?

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