Preventing and Curing the Wuhan Virus: Work in Progress

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This protocol to treat the Wuhan virus, which is a bioweapon, is a work in progress. I expect a dangerous Super Duper Wuhan virus vaccine and two more bioweapons to be released (weaponized SARS and MERS). I also expect great harm to be done to our health from the adoption of the forthcoming 5G 60 MHZ mobile network broadcasting towers. China is already afflicted with this monster.  

Let’s begin with disease prevention first: Dr Rhonda Patrick suggests very strongly that you get an annual blood test to determine your nutrient levels. Most people are deficient in the minerals that make your body work. Very few have sufficient fiber for good health. Insist prior to taking the test that YOU be allowed to read the results and get a copy. Gone are the days of trusting doctors who trust Big Pharma.

Hint: The Rodale Institute reported that giving sick people a thousand dollars of organic food to eat did more for them than $24,000 of treatments from Mr Big Pharma.

What won’t be tested at your doctor’s office are trace minerals. If you aren’t taking some already, please get some colloidal trace minerals. FDA does not like the word colloidal.

Your body needs Selenium and it has a co-factor Vitamin E. California foods are rich in Selenium as it is in the soil. Washington state ranchers could not raise beef until 1947 when veterinarians figured out that Muscular Dystrophy was a Selenium deficiency disease. Big Pharma has not caught on to that after 73 years.

Vitamin C. Dr Sircus recommends you get serious about Vitamin C. He recommends Mega Food C. They have a chewable form. If a child you care about is forced to take vaccines, make sure they get high doses of C starting 3 hours before, an hour before and just before and a few times after the vaccine. Vaccines do bad things to people who are vitamin C deficient. New Chapter is also very good. Compare the two. Recommend others by leaving a comment.

South Korea used an oxygen mask to deliver high does of oxygen to coronavirus patients. They were cured. A mask releases as much oxygen into a patient’s blood as does a more expensive HBOT 1.3 Ata chamber. A hard chamber can deliver even more oxygen at Ata 2.0 and 3.0 but is not needed for this condition.

PS. I like HBOT 2.0 treatment because it rejuvenates the cellular mitochondria which is needed by everyone at age 50. The mitochondria controls your energy cycle.

China is experimenting with IV Vitamin C at 24 grams per day. Maybe should be more for larger American patients. In the poliomyelitis epidemic in North Carolina in 1948, 60 cases of this disease came under Dr. Fred R. Klenner’s care. The treatment employed was vitamin C in massive doses. It was given like any other antibiotic every two to four hours. The initial dose was 1000 to 2000 mg, depending on age. This schedule was followed for 24 hours. After this time the fever was consistently down, so the vitamin C was given 1000 to 2000 mg every six hours for the next 48 hours. All patients were clinically well after 72 hours.

In the treatment of other types of virus infections, the same dose schedule was adopted. In herpes zoster, 2000 to 3000 mg of vitamin C was given every 12 hours; this was supplemented by 1000 mg in fruit juice by mouth every two hours. Eight cases were treated in this series, all adults. Seven experienced cessation of pain within two hours of the first injection and remained so without the use of any other analgesic medication. Seven of these cases showed drying of the vesicles within 24 hours and were clear of lesions within 72 hours. They received from five to seven injections. Chicken pox gave an equally good response, the vesicles responding in the same manner as did those of herpes.

In addition, Dr. Klenner treated many cases of influenza with vitamin C. The size of the dose and the number of injections required were in direct proportion to the fever curve and to the duration of the illness. Further the response of encephalitis virus to ascorbic acid therapy was dramatic. Six cases of encephalitis were treated and cured with vitamin C injections. Two cases were associated with the pneumonia virus; one followed chicken pox, one mumps, one measles and one a combination of measles and mumps.

Dr Rhonda Patrick also recommends you build a gut barrier. The benefits are that according to her a functioning gut barrier will eliminate 80% of all cytokine responses. Think of cytokines as signalling agents that excite immune responses. A “cytokine storm,” is a situation in which excessive cytokine production causes an immune response that can damage organs, especially the lungs and kidneys, and even lead to death. That is what a bioweapon is designed to do. I think we have 2 or 3 bioweapons from the American Deep State in our future.

Dr Patrick tells us that we need probiotics (beneficial bacteria), a high fiber diet varied in sources and types and vitamin B complex for our intestines to build a gut barrier. It reduces cytokine responses and therefor lessens the risk of a cytokine storm killing whether it originated as a pedestrian flu or as a bioweapon. Dr Patrick takes 35 grams of fiber a day. I am male so I aim at 50 grams a day. There are different kinds of fiber and you need a balance.

If you or someone you are caring for do get to the place where a cytokine storm fills the lungs with fluid, Cliff High recommends you take B6 and B 12 lozenges every four hours for 3 or 4 days or until the emergency is over. You will also need to make sure you are not deficient in good fats during this period. Take a normal dose of Omega 3 EFA, available in Chia seeds and flaxseed oil.

We have a winter time flu season because our bodies are deficient in Vitamin D-3. An MD PhD with patents told me to take 50,000 IU of D-3 weekly or that same amount daily if you get onset symptoms for a flu.

I assume you are taking a good form of Vitamin C. Lose weight and get exercise. A sedentary lifestyle is a risk factor for dying from this virus. Sambucol (elderberry) seems to have worked well for many alternative practitioners treating the flu. Mega Food has their own version of Elderberry at their website.

Probiotics only needs to be taken to restore your gut after taking antibiotics. Just find a good source, take it and then stop taking it until needed.

If you think I am a licensed physician, you are deluded. So figure this out for yourself. But trying to get someone with a medical license willing to go up against the AMA and Big Pharma might take some doing. Proceed with caution. Try to find an honest doctor with education and integrity.

If you take five annual flu shots, your chances of getting Early Onset Alzheimer’s just went up 1,000%.

Bonus. I took the following German herbal formula  twice a day for a year and was able to pass an electrocardiogram for the first time. My left ventricle is now working fine. The formula is: Hawthorn Berries, Milk Thistle, Ginkgo Biloba, Bilberry extract, Cayenne and Kyolic. The original German formula was for garlic but I take Kyolic. My doctors were amazed at the results but they all said No when I asked it they wanted my herbal formula. I take them all twice a day though I am on a periodic break so I can start up again stronger.

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